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How Candy Paint Jobs are done and the steps to do a good Custom Candy Paint Job


A "candy pearl" paint job, also sometimes referred to as spraying "metallic pearls", can be used to either completely change the color of a project, or if you match colors, you can add depth to an existing flat color.

The amount of candy pearls to change an existing color will vary depending on the color underneath. We have noticed that best coverage for a solid metallic candy paint job is acheived over darker colors, such as black.

Assuming that you have already followed the steps in the article "How to custom paint", you must now follow the next few steps specifically designed for the application of our candy pearls.

Now that the entire surface of the project is clean and ready to paint, it is time to spray 1 tack coat of the intercoat clear, binder, color blender, or "base" clear which you have chosen. Follow the mixing instructions from your manufacturer for mixing any of your paint. After spraying 1 even coat of clear over entire project, give it time to flash dry before spraying your first pearls.

Follow your manufacturer's instructions for mixing each quart of clear base. Add a half of a bag to 1 full 25 gram bag of candy pearl to each mixed quart. (this mixture is for a pearlescent addition to your existing color). Make sure to have mixing cups, strainers, and mixing sticks ready. Always strain mixed paint when adding it to your gun.

Spray a total of two wet coats of pearl over entire project. Do this with a 50% overlap. Wait for flash time of your particular product between coats. After the second coat, wait for flash time and look to determine whether the amount of candy pearl is adequate for what you want in your pearl paint job.

Finally, apply 1 medium-dry coat (by holding the gun back to 2 feet) and covering more swiftly. This makes an even coat of the candy pearls "standing up" and reflecting more.

If you are satisfied with the amount of candy pearl paint, after flash time has occured on the paint, use a clean or different paint gun to apply 2-3 more wet coats of TOPCOAT clear, adding NO CANDY PEARLS and following the manufacturer's instructions for mixing and spraying.

Your project is now done! It should look really nice. Follow your manufacturer's instructions for drying times on the topcoat clear.

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