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Candy powders are great for both creating your own candy custom paints/tinted clears, or for creating incredible FAUX FINISH effects in your home or business. Candy pearls are also meant to be mixed with clear paints. The amount of powder used creates the candy coat's color.

Gold Candy over black base custom paint jobWine Red Custom PaintApple Green with Gold Ghost pearl over it.

TIP#1: Remember, candy paint gives you more color than pearls, so whatever you paint with it will take on the candy's color. Using a black or white base is fine for application of candy paints, but you can get really great results and deeper finishes if you use a silver or gold under your candy paints. Many like to use our tiny flake under their candies for extra effect.

TIP#2: After applying your base and scuffing or wet-sanding it, mix your candy paint by adding candy powder (1/2 to 1 bag per mixed quart) to your favorite clear. You can add less candy pearl, but don't expect a deep color (I made a light yellow tan color by doing a light mix of gold to tint the clear). Keep an eye on your mixing stick to judge where you want your tint to be. Spraying candy pearl over a dark base can require less powder than spraying over a white or light base. If you add a lot of candy powder, you should add some reducer to keep your clear at a nice thin consistency for proper spraying.

TIP#3: Always spray at least three (but preferably more) coats of candy with a 75% spray overlap pattern, and spray in temperatures abiding to the clear coat manufacturer's recommendations, waiting the appropriate flash time between coats. Spray it on semi-dry for at least 2 coats, varying your spray pattern between coats.

TIP#4: Applying a little pearl over your candy can create a great paint effect! See my pearl tips page.

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