Candy Pearls Metallic Color Pearl Custom Paint

Let’s discuss our Candy Pearls® Paint and how it compares to our other custom paints. We take pride in the quality of our Candy Pearls® pigments.

These pigments are special metallic Iron Mica pigments known as Candy Pearls®, and they already have some iridescence in them. But when you mix our Candy Pearls® pigments, they won’t be entirely see-through because they contain solid mica and iron particles. This doesn’t mean you can’t achieve some transparency with paint pigments; it just means that it might take several coats to completely cover what’s underneath.

To begin:

Use about half of one of our bags per quart of base clear or intercoat clear. If you use a whole bag per quart, you’ll essentially create a colored metallic pearl paint. You can also make your chameleon paint pigments by blending our Candy Pearls® paints with different Ghost Pearl paint pigments. Typically, this is done at a 3 to 1 ratio of Ghost Pearls to Candy Pearls®, sprayed in around 5 coats. There are countless possibilities in custom paint by mixing and matching our products.

Candy Paint:

If you want a completely transparent candy paint job, there are other methods to achieve it. Candy Pearls® paints have usually been dye-based paints. Solvent-based dyes can be added to clear coats to create the same candy paints sold by major manufacturers. The downside with true candies is that dyes won’t last as long as pigments and are easily damaged by UV rays. If you’re determined to have a genuine candy paint, grab a bag of Candy Concentrate and make your candy paint.

Remember, if you want your paint to take on the candy pearl’s actual color, apply it over a black base coat. If you already have a black vehicle, you can rough it up to create a suitable surface for painting.


Our candy paint pigment has found its way into various industries, including powder coating, plastics, airbrush art, and gel coat. It’s suitable for beginners and professionals alike. One common mistake beginners make is buying our candy pearls when they want to create a paint that changes color in the sun, also known as a “ghost” pearl paint job. These candies alter the overall color of your project, so keep that in mind. Visit our tips pages for more useful information.

If you’re still unsure about which products will work well with your existing paint or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Visit our FAQ’s page for more information. We’re here to assist you and appreciate your business.

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