Chameleon Pearls ® – Our own Colorshift paint

Our Chameleon Pearls® Colorshift paint is becoming more popular due to its affordability and cool color options. Chameleon Pearls® are paints that change color based on the angle and lighting, often displaying multiple colors in the shift.

In the past, Chameleon Pearls® were created by blending our Ghost Pearl® paint and Candy Pearl® paint. For the best results, it’s crucial to apply these pearls over a black base coat because black won’t affect the true colors of the pigments. Dark base colors make the chameleon effect more noticeable, although some white and red chameleon paint jobs can also look amazing. Applying several coats is a good practice. Using a high-quality top-coat clear with UV protection is essential to maintain the color-shifting effect and protect the paint job properly.

Base Coats:

When using our chameleon paint flakes for overall color-changing effects, it’s recommended to start with a black base coat. These flakes are truly color-changing, displaying various colors depending on the light and angle. While our chameleon paint flakes can be sprayed over a white base, it won’t achieve a color-change effect but will give more of an abalone shell sparkle effect. Mixing them with about one heaping tablespoon per quart of base clear is ideal. Use a quality clear top coat to seal the flakes.

Unfortunately, our chameleon flakes can’t be used in powder coating due to their heat threshold. However, they work well with paint and can be mixed with candy paint, pearl paint, or other metal flakes.

Remember, creating a unique custom paint job doesn’t mean buying it from a can. There are countless color possibilities to explore with just a bit of experimentation. Our affordable prices make it easy for anyone to experiment and create entirely new colors.

If you’re unsure about which products would complement your existing paint or want more guidance, feel free to contact us. We’re here to assist painters and powder coaters. Before starting your project, always test paint on panels to achieve your desired custom paint effect.

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