A Mesmerizing Automotive Masterpiece by Cindy Raschke and Sideways AutoSalon

A Mesmerizing Automotive Masterpiece by Cindy Raschke and Sideways AutoSalon

Get ready to be wowed by a stunning automotive creation that seamlessly blends artistry and technical prowess. This remarkable project, brought to life by the talented artist Cindy Raschke in collaboration with Sideways AutoSalon, showcases the breathtaking potential of automotive customization.

A Work of Art in Every Detail

This car, with its striking electric blue candy pearl finish on one side and a sophisticated gray base coat on the other, is a true testament to the artistry that can be achieved in the automotive world. The details are nothing short of extraordinary, with every element meticulously crafted to perfection.

The Magic of Color

Bronze copper candy tint pigment was expertly applied to the clear coat on the wheels, creating a beautiful contrast with the blue side’s silver base and the gray side’s black base. This same bronze copper candy tint was also used to highlight fish scales, mixed with 1-shot clear and hand-brushed for a stunning effect. The cherry blossoms were brought to life with deep pink pearl, similarly mixed with 1-shot clear and brushed on to create captivating highlights.

Additionally, silver crystal pearl was incorporated into the white 1-shot highlights on the blue side of the car, adding a touch of brilliance that complements the overall design.

Innovative Pigment Application

In the creation of this automotive masterpiece, approximately two full bags of bronze copper candy tint pigment and one full bag of electric blue pearl were used, emphasizing the meticulous attention to detail and color harmony.

The Result of Dedication

The entire project was a labor of love, consuming approximately 720 hours of hard work and dedication. It’s a testament to the artist, Cindy Raschke, whose exceptional skills and creative vision breathed life into this automotive canvas. To explore more of Cindy Raschke’s incredible work, visit her website at www.cindyraschke.com.

A Team Effort at Sideways AutoSalon

The technical paint and bodywork were expertly executed by the professionals at Sideways AutoSalon. Their expertise and craftsmanship were pivotal in bringing Cindy Raschke’s artistic vision to life.

Unveiling Creative Possibilities

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A Legacy of Innovation

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This awe-inspiring collaboration between Cindy Raschke and Sideways AutoSalon serves as a testament to the boundless creativity that the world of automotive customization offers. From the impeccable craftsmanship to the use of our exceptional pigments, it’s a testament to what can be achieved when artistry and technical expertise come together.