Create Mother of Pearl Tile or Concrete Effects with Sealer

Exploring Striking Reds and Purples

We’re also big fans of various reds and purples when combined creatively. I once spotted a stunning Fire Engine red Camaro, custom painted with our violet ghost pearl on top – it looked fantastic! Another eye-catching combo is using a custom painted Purple Candy as a base coat and then adding the Red Ghost pearl on it. Both combinations yield impressive results. You won’t need a fortune to achieve these concrete effects; you can cover an entire car with less than $100 worth of our products, along with a few hundred dollars for chemical binders, topcoats, and reducers.

Ordinary Slate Tiles from Home Depot - Untreated.

Ordinary Slate Tiles from Home Depot – Untreated.


Pictures do these tiles no justice!

Abalone Shell - Mother of Pearl Effect created on Slate with Ghost Pearls.

Affordable Slate Tile Transformation

We discovered budget-friendly slate tiles at Home Depot for just $1.49 per square foot. To enhance their look, I used Ghost Pearls, mixing one 25-gram bag per quart of concrete and tile sealer. I chose a glossy sealer, but you can also use matte ones. Now, let’s see the change. I took pictures in sunlight from two angles because the Ghost Pearls’ colors show up in reflected light. Keep in mind that the camera can’t capture the full brilliance of the pearls, but it’s important to note that our Shimmer Ghost Pearls shine more than Satin Ghost Pearls.

I used Gold Shimmer Ghost Pearl, Blue Satin Ghost Pearl, Red Ghost Pearl, and Green Ghost Pearl. I also experimented by applying all four colors to one tile, creating concrete effects similar to an abalone shell in the slate tile. It was surprisingly easy; I used four paper towels, each dipped in a different pearl color mixed with sealer. I randomly swirled small patches of various colors on different parts of the tile. Remarkably, this was my first try, and it turned out fantastic with minimal effort.

The beauty of achieving this “mother of pearl” look lies in its scalability, making it ideal for larger projects, such as concrete countertops or expansive flooring areas. What’s truly remarkable is that you can create this effect after laying the tiles but before applying the grout. The best part is, you don’t need any special tools; just about anyone can do it.

While similar-looking tiles are often sold for over ten dollars per square foot, we estimate that this transformative effect adds just ten cents or less per square foot to the total cost of the slate tiles. Moreover, with our bulk discounts, the savings on larger flooring areas can be substantial. At this price point, you can infuse a touch of luxury into your space, elevating the aesthetics of an otherwise affordable floor at a fraction of the cost of expensive tiles. Plus, it’s worth noting that our Ghost Pearls are UV-resistant, ensuring they maintain their brilliance even in exterior applications, lasting as long as the sealer they’re mixed with – some of which you can easily find at stores like Home Depot.