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Diving into Fantasy: How Chameleon Pearls Transform Silicone Mermaid Tails

Exploring Fantasy: How Chameleon Pearls Transform Silicone Mermaid Tails Mermaids have always fascinated us with their shimmering tails and enchanting beauty. Now, mermaid tails are getting a magical makeover using Chameleon Pearls. These special pearls change colors, adding a touch of wonder to mermaid costumes. The Magic of Chameleon Pearls Chameleon Pearls are like tiny [...]

Elevate Your Epoxy Creations: Introducing Our Table Top Epoxy Pigments

Elevate Your Epoxy Creations: Introducing Our Table Top Epoxy Pigments Exciting Possibilities for Table Top Epoxy Pigments If you love working with epoxy, get ready for an amazing journey! At Paint With Pearl, we're here to help you make your epoxy projects like river tables, bar-tops, wooden tables, and coasters look absolutely stunning with our [...]

Elevating DIY Creations: The Art of Working with Silicone and Pearls

Easy DIY Crafts with Silicone and Pearls Making cool stuff with silicone is not only fun, it’s pretty easy too! Silicone is a great material for DIY projects, and adding pearls to it makes everything even more awesome. We’ve got different kinds of pearls like Ghost Pearls, Candy Pearls, and more that you can mix […]

Exploring the Enchanting World of Thermochromatic Pigments: Temperature’s Secret Palette

Exploring the Fascinating World of Thermochromatic Pigments: The Secret Behind Color Change Have you ever been amazed by objects that change color when they sense heat, like your touch? Thermochromatic pigments are the wizards behind this mesmerizing trick. In this article, we'll look at how these pigments create color changes with temperature and discuss a [...]

Using Pigments and Pearls in Ceramic gun coatings Gun Finishes

Using our Pigments and Pearls in Ceramic gun coatings We have recently been selling to a lot of people using our pearls in Ceramic gun coatings gun finishes. Well we had to check into it. Behold! We found that everyone selling pigments for use in Ceramic gun coatings were actually our old customers! Upon further [...]

Flake Tips

Metal Flake Application Tips for Custom Paint If you're new to applying metal flakes, don't worry; we've got some tips to help you out. One common issue is the rough surface that can appear right after applying flakes. But fear not, with a few extra paint coats and a bit of sanding, you can smooth [...]

Metallic Paint DIY

DIY Metallic Paint Made Simple If you're a DIY enthusiast, you'll love how easy it is to create your own metallic paint with Paint With Pearl. Why pay someone else when you can do it yourself? Paint is basically a mixture of glue (called binder), pigments, and some thinning agents to make it easy to [...]

How to Custom Paint over Existing Paint

How to custom paint over existing paint. Prepping your existing paint job. The “Scuff and Shoot” custom paint job: This article tells you basically what you need to do if your paint is already in good condition, but you want to add a special effect pigment custom paint over existing paint. Since prepping your existing […]

Top 5 Reasons to Use Pigments Instead of Paints

Top 5 Reasons to Use Pigments Instead of Paints With so many years of experience in the world of paint with pearl pigments and many other pigments, this is something you should know. One may ask, "How do I use Pigments instead of Paints? Can I make my own custom paint colors?" Well, that's easy. [...]

Using Pearls and Candies In Theatrical Makeup and Costume Design

Theatrical Makeup, Costume Design, and Monster Makeup. Make your own cosmetics, finally! Did you know that our ghost pearls, candy pearls, chameleon pearls, and Metal Flakes are non-toxic and can be used in theatrical makeup and even costume design? DIY Cosmetics at their finest. Candy Pearls and Chameleon pearls make great colorants when mixed with [...]

Glow in The Dark Paint Pigment- Luminescent Pigments

Glow in The Dark Paint Pigment – Luminescent Paint pigments We have may glow in the dark pigments. The most expensive by far, is the white to white glow.  This one glows white for hours and is the perfect custom paint job for a white vehicle, or white graphics. It tends to glow for several […]

How to Mix Your Own Custom Paint

Creating Custom Paint Made Easy Watch our user-friendly video tutorial on crafting your custom paint. We get that handling paint powders can feel daunting, but don't worry; we're here to prove that it's a breeze. Many paint companies follow the same path, charging extra for custom paint. However, with our products, you can stick to [...]

First to Bring Thermochromic Pigment to the Public

Paint With Pearl: Pioneers of Thermochromic Pigments We were the first to offer Thermochromic Pigments to the public, and they're the paints that shift colors with temperature changes! Our journey began with the earliest YouTube videos showcasing thermochromic wonders, and since then, a few imitators have popped up. However, we take pride in providing the [...]

Pearl Leather Paint on Shoes and Other Leathers

A video posted by K_o Brand by Kickasso (@k_o.brand_kickasso) on May 2, 2015 at 2:01pm PDT Pearl Leather Paint Many people are discovering the amazing diversity of our pearls. A new fad that seems to be taking hold is the use of pearls in leather paint on shoes and other leather items, such as jackets [...]

Custom Paint Color Theory – Custom paint jobs – Pearl paint – Candy Paint

Professional Custom Paint Jobs with our products. Creating Professional Custom Paint Jobs: A Simple Guide Understanding the key factors that distinguish professional custom paint jobs from amateur ones can help your paint job shine. A crucial tip is to be mindful of the color combinations you use. Mixing warm tones with cool tones can often [...]

Create Mother of Pearl Tile or Concrete Effects with Sealer

Exploring Striking Reds and Purples We're also big fans of various reds and purples when combined creatively. I once spotted a stunning Fire Engine red Camaro, custom painted with our violet ghost pearl on top – it looked fantastic! Another eye-catching combo is using a custom painted Purple Candy as a base coat and then [...]

Pearlescent Wall Paint – Faux Finish Tips to Use in Glaze or Polyurethane

Candy and Ghost Pearl powders are fantastic for adding captivating pearlescent effects to your interior decor and wall paint in your home or business.   Bronze Copper Used in Faux Finish Glaze and Sponged on Wall. Faux Pearl Wall Paint Tips: Tip 1: Mixing pearlescent wall paint glaze with Ghost Pearl or Candy powdered pearl [...]

A Mesmerizing Automotive Masterpiece by Cindy Raschke and Sideways AutoSalon

A Remarkable Custom Car by Cindy Raschke and Sideways AutoSalon Prepare to be impressed by an extraordinary custom car that combines artistry and technical skill. This incredible project was created by artist Cindy Raschke in collaboration with Sideways AutoSalon.  It showcases the amazing potential of customizing cars. Every Detail Crafted with Precision This car is [...]

Automotive paint – Make your own Auto Paint

While our products have a wide range of applications, including painting fishing lures, carnival rides, custom concrete sealers, hotel lobbies, and home interiors, our primary focus is on automotive paint. Our passion for cars and high-quality custom automotive paint jobs drove us to start this business. We were frustrated by the high cost of most [...]

Thermochromic Paint – Temperature Change Pigments

Thermochromic paints are special because they change color based on temperature. Our inventory mainly includes paints that change at 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit. When it gets warmer, they become clear, revealing the graphics or base color underneath. Important Note: Thermochromic paints are sensitive to UV light and can fade without proper protection. [...]

Custom Paint made easy | How do we define Custom Paint

Custom paint can be described in various ways, but it's essentially unique paint that's unlike anyone else's. This applies to cars, buildings, interiors, toys, and decorations. It's a form of expression that goes beyond ordinary colors, except for natural elements like trees and the sky. Custom paint adds an extra layer to create depth and [...]

Metal Flake – Metallic Flakes

Metal Flake Paint - Add Sparkle to Your Project Metal flake paint is a classic choice in custom painting. However, using traditional large flakes often leads to extra work and challenges, especially when dealing with edges and corners. Some older flake paint jobs faced issues because the flakes were too big to go around doors [...]

Using Thermochromic in Magic Tricks

Magicians often use Thermochromic in magic tricks. You may have seen magicians rubbing cards to change their design or using fire to alter writings on walls. These pigments offer many possibilities for magic acts, surprising the audience. We've been selling our pigments to magicians for a long time.  Some famous magicians have used our products [...]

Chameleon Pearls ® – Our own Colorshift paint

Our Chameleon Pearls® Colorshift paint is becoming more popular due to its affordability and cool color options. Chameleon Pearls® are paints that change color based on the angle and lighting, often displaying multiple colors in the shift. In the past, Chameleon Pearls® were created by blending our Ghost Pearl® paint and Candy Pearl® paint. For [...]

Candy Pearls Metallic Color Pearl Custom Paint

Let's discuss our Candy Pearls® Paint and how it compares to our other custom paints. We take pride in the quality of our Candy Pearls® pigments. These pigments are special metallic Iron Mica pigments known as Candy Pearls®, and they already have some iridescence in them. But when you mix our Candy Pearls® pigments, they [...]

Ghost Pearl painting and Custom Paint

Ghost Pearl is a type of pearlescent paint made from see-through Mica Particles, kind of like glass. It reflects one color while letting the underlying color show through. When it's in the shade, it doesn't shine, but in the sunlight, it can create various reflective effects. Making Pearl paint isn't too different from regular painting, [...]

Thermochromic dip or other coatings – Yes it Can Be Done!

Thermochromic 🌟 Thermochromic and Dip Coatings - A Perfect Match: Have you ever wondered if thermochromic pigments work in dip coatings? 🙏 Appreciation for Our Creative Customers: We at Paint With Pearl are always thankful to our customers who share their experiences with us. Your photos, videos, and feedback showcasing our Candy Pearls, Metal Flakes, [...]

Leader in Paint and Pearl Pigments Since 2005

Pearl Pigments and How They Work Everywhere Over the past decade, we've gained valuable insights into pearl pigments and metallic pigments, also known as Candy Pearls®. We've led the way in mixing these pigments with various coatings for do-it-yourself projects. Understanding that pearl pigments can withstand high temperatures of around 1600 degrees and remain stable [...]

Can our products work in dip or other coatings?

 Our Products have been used in dip or other coatings since the beginning of dip or other coatings.  To be completely honest with any readers out there,  the first car ever to be dip or other coatingsped with pearls was with our products.  Secondly, the first chameleon dip or other coatings was done with our […]

Car Paint

Use Paint With Pearl along with your favorite brands of car paint, and save a lot of money. No one is limited to using strictly our Paint with Pearl brand when mixing custom car paint. We love the quality of many paint brands out there, from PPG, House of Kolor, Dupont, BASF, All Kandy and [...]

Powder Coater’s Corner, Powder Coating with our products

Unleash the Potential of Powder Coating with Pigments 🌟 Embrace the Ease of Powder Coating with Pigments No Expertise Required: Dive into powder coating with ease using our products. Perfect Compatibility: Our pearls and pigments are tailored for optimal performance with powder coat clears. 🎨 Mastering Your Mix Base Coat Dynamics: Best results are seen [...]

Fiberglass Surfboard paint and Kayak paint

Surfing is not just a sport but also an art, and surfboard makers use various materials to create unique boards. Fiberglass Surfboard paint! Recently, Mica Ghost Pearl and Candy and Chameleon Iron Oxide pigments have become popular. Mica is a mineral with colors like silver, black, green, and pink. It's used in cosmetics, paints, and [...]

Custom Paint Ideas

When Custom Paint jobs look their best, is when people understand more about what makes them custom paint, and what makes a custom paint job look amateur. A good thing to remember is using warm tones with cool tones can often turn out bad. A few years ago, one of the car companies made a [...]

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