Home Made DIY Custom Paint Jobs by our Customers!

Over Time, we have collected customer projects and their DIY custom paint jobs. Send us custom paint pictures (with a good picture or more) and get a free $50 gift certificate (upon your request) and a page built for you with a link back to your site…no charge.  Some of the custom paint jobs you will find on this page are of many objects other than cars. For instance, there are nail polish pictures, boat paint jobs, toys, and even some fine art.  The above Mini Cooper picture was one of the first automotive faux finish custom paint jobs we have ever seen,  and it is obviously a new trend in the industry of custom painting.

Send Us Your Pictures

The trick is…it has to be good enough to put on the site. Nice pictures, and a little story about what you did with your home made custom paint to make these DIY custom paint jobs so special. We built this website on the beautiful projects of our customers. We believe in paying back. Thanks to our users for their home made custom paint pictures. For verified buyers only. No Cheating!

Paint With Pearl is the original seller of pearl pigments on the Internet. We have been around since 2005, and have upheld an amazing reputation as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. You can always count on speedy shipping, great customer service, and when you call us, you will always talk to an owner of the company. Never any need to ask for a manager. We have been around for 10 years and are on our second web site. Check out our old site if you like.  Don’t forget to check out our Youtube Channel.  Thank you for checking out our pictures!

For years we have been selling metallic paint pigments, pearl pigment, candy paint, and Temperature Changing Paint for your custom paint jobs.

  • Custom flame paint on Fred's YETI cup.

    Custom Yeti Cups! A New Tradition in Texas

  • Pedro the muscle bike was painted with Gold Holographic.

    Gold Holographic – Pedro The Muscle Bike by Luke Percival

  • Blue Candy pearl in Tamco clear.

    Joan Berry’s Blue Candy Pearl in Tamco Clear

  • Orange Thermochromic Super Bike

    Orange Thermochromic Super Bike

  • Shop custom paint, chameleon pigments, pearl pigments, candy pigments at paint with pearl.

    Gold – Purple – Orange Custom Paint Jobs by Rin Tin Tin Auto Body

  • Super-bike painted camouflage, then with thermochromic, then with our Ghost Chameleon.

    John Haro’s Chameleon Thermochromic Super-Bike

  • Flame Paint Jobs are Simple with Pearls

    You can do your own flame paint jobs like Ron Wilson! Heard about your products through a friend, thought I’d give it a try. It started out as a Sunday project turned into a 3 Day project, but I thought it was well worth it. Here are the colors that I used I use forest […]

  • 4779bg chameleon pearls side view super bike

    4779BG Blue Green Purple Superflash Chameleon Motorcycle

    This really cool motorcycle is painted in our 4779BG Blue Green Purple Superflash Chameleon Pearl. This is one of our most popular true chameleon colors.

  • glow in the dark wooden table

    Blue to Blue Glow in the Dark coffee tables

    These beautiful coffee tables are layered with Blue to Blue Glow in the Dark pigment to make them stand out at night.

  • orange copper candy pearl and gold ghost pearl

    Orange Copper Candy Pearl and Gold Ghost pearl motorcycle

    Doyle Williams painted this beautiful bike with our Orange Copper Candy Pearl and Gold Ghost Pearl. The bike is polished to a mirror like finish. Awesome!

  • Purple candy pearl over black marble with silver metal flake

    Purple Candy Pearl Motorcycle

    Purple candy pearl over a black base coat with silver marbling and 2 coats of silver metal flake. Candy pearls can be mixed to be transparent or opaque.

  • indigo gold orange red 4739IO chameleon pearl on clippers

    Indigo Gold Orange Red 4739IO Chameleon Pearl Hair Clippers

    These hair clippers were powder coated with our 4739IO Chameleon Pearl. Our products can be used to customize just about anything!

  • apple red metal flake helmet

    Apple Red Metal Flake on a Sportster

    This sleek sportster has apple red metal flake all over. .004 flake is small but gives a high impact in the sun. Matching helmet looks great too!

  • red green blue 4739RG chameleon Ford Focus

    Red Green Blue Chameleon Ford Focus 4739RG

    This car looks great with our red green blue 4739RG chameleon pearl. It has a lot of curves which really shows off the color shift effect of the chameleon.

  • moss green metal flake on jet boat

    Jet Boat with Gold Shimmer Pearl and Moss Green Metal Flake

    A very cool combination of Moss green Metal Flake over black base and Gold shimmer pearl over white base.

  • Gold Orange Red 4739OR Infinity

    Gold Red Orange 4739OR Chameleon Infinity

    This is a beautiful matte finish version of our Gold Red Orange 4739OR Chameleon Pearl. Sprayed in a product called Halo Efx.

  • Fire Red Metal Flake Dune Buggy

    This is an awesome paint job of fire red metal flake on a dune buggy done by Dave and Kyle Hardisty. They got great results in a make shift paint booth!

  • black gunmetal candy pearl on a road bike

    Road bike with multiple products black gunmetal candy pearl

    A really nice road bike painted with multiple products including black gunmetal candy pearl, silver holographic flake and red crystal ghost pearl.

  • chameleon color blue green purple 4779BG

    Blue Green Purple 4779BG chameleon on Honda

    Blue green purple 4779BG chameleon on Honda Paint with Pearl is taking Maui by storm!!! This is the fully assembled Honda in the sun, and in the Rain! Aloha Matt I sampled some of your products and was blown away by price and performance ……. The thermochromatic powder was amazing….  Everything in Hawaii is very […]

  • cool metal art with our blue ghost pearl

    Cool Artwork with Blue Ghost Pearl

    Cool artwork with blue ghost pearl

  • inline speed skating boots with metal flake

    Inline Speed Skating Boots with Metal Flake

    Inline Speed Skating Boots with Metal Flake Great products!   I am glad that I found your site.   Here is one of the pairs of footwear (inline speed skates) that I have used the metal flake on.  I will continue to purchase! I am using PPG clear, its available at the shop right around the corner from me. […]

  • This is no rust bucket mini cooper. It is an effects paint that is getting lots of notoriety for home made DIY custom paint jobs. Shop custom paint, chameleon pigments, candy pigments here.

    Rust Bucket Mini Cooper-NOT!

    Just thought I would share some pic’s of my car that brought me back into custom painting. No its not a real rust bucket, its all paint with multiple Candies, Pearls, and flakes from Paint With Pearl! The paint job took about a year worth of weekends to complete, and it’s getting a ton of […]

  • custom made finger nail polish using our thermochromic pigments

    Thermochromic Nail Polish

    This super cool custom made nail polish uses our thermochromic pigment. Constantly changing nail polish. Thermochromic nail polish!

  • royal blue monte carlo

    Royal Blue Monte Carlo by Tino Gallardo

    This Royal Blue Monte Carlo is a beautiful mix of candy pearls and metal flakes, A great job done by Colorado's own Tino Gallardo

  • blue green flip pigment for cars

    Blue Green flip (Carribean Gold) Honda Civic by Elvet Carty

    This Civic was painted in our Blue green flip pigment (Carribean gold). It has a beautiful color change in the sun and is a real head turner!

  • Chameleon Charger Painted with the red green blue 4739OR.

    Chameleon Charger with Red Green Blue Chameleon

    Roman Cooremans' chameleon charger painted with our 4739RG Chameleon Pearls ®. This chameleon Charger has a Red Green Blue Color-shift Chameleon Pearls.

  • bronze and gold pearl on fairy costume

    Beautiful Fairy Costumes by Lauren Rhodus

    Beautiful Fairy Costumes by Lauren Rhodus I added two photos of myself, I’m wearing the Purple Ghost pearl on my skin.  I’m a traveling fairy and childrens performer. And I added a photo of wings I used the Blue Pearl on. The last photo is of two costumes I did mixing the gold with a […]

  • Dining Room Walls painted with Blue to Purple chameleon. Faux Finish.

    Chameleon Faux Finish Walls

    Blue Purple Chameleon Faux finish on walls by Cynthia Schaffer I just want to let you know that I followed the instructions you gave me and I am thrilled with the results of my blue to purple pearl paint. It is on 2 walls in my dining room. These pictures don’t capture its awesomeness. Thank […]

  • Create amazing leather effects with our mica powders and pigments.

    Effects Leather and Reptile Skin Effects

    Hi Matt, I’ve been using micas and pigments from a few sources for several years for crafting. Mostly for exotic leathers and finding ways to do enhance the textures, patterns and colors.  My mother taught me a valuable lesson learned in Chicago during the Depression. If you think you have a good deal on something […]

  • Nissan Cefiro with our Gold Green Blue Chameleon pearls.

    Nissan Cefiro A31 Gold Green Blue Chameleon Paint

    Gold Green Blue Chameleon paint on Nissan Cefiro in Thailand. Yes, we do ship overseas! 1992 Nissan Cefiro A31 Painted with : gold to green to blue chameleon Bangkok, Thailand   We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of our customers who take the time to send us pictures and feedback on all of our […]

  • Singer Sewing machine with violet paint ghost pearl

    Sewing Machine Violet Satin Ghost Pearl Paint

    This Sewing Machine is given a “Ghost” effect with Violet Satin Ghost Pearl Paint Lyndi, here are a couple photos of the custom white w/violet Satin ghost pearl. Let me know if this is something you want to use and I can write a little paragraph. Also I would like a link to my website […]

  • Holographic Flake is widely used in all types of Custom Paint, including Fingernail Polish.

    Custom Nail Polish Color

    Custom Nail Polish Color:  The recipes are secret, but we know that our Pearls and Flakes are in there! Batch 3: Sun Kissed in San Tropez, Kiss Me I’m Irish and Rebel Alliance Anyway, I have many more and use the .004 silver holographic in tons of polishes.  I have other chameleons, but would need […]

  • Pearl White Corvette with Silver Ghost Pearls. Nicely done!

    Silver Pearl White Corvette

    This Corvette was mid-coated with our silver ghost pearl to make a silver pearl white corvette.  Our silver pearl is one of our most subtle colors over white.

  • Apple Red metal Flake on Custom Radio Flyer wagon from a user testimonial.

    Custom Radio Flyer Wagon

    This is one cool project…a Custom Radio Flyer Wagon painted with Apple Red Metal Flakes Thank you for such a great product and service. Attached are a few pictures of the project I was working on. The wagon came out great. I look forward to trying one of your other products on my next project. Thank […]

  • Sky Blue Ducati Monster

    Sky Blue Ducati Monster

    Such a great picture of both rider and bike! This is Mike's wife on her Sky Blue Ducati Monster.

  • Gold Ghost and Other Pearls on Custom Painted Racing Boat.

    Gold Ghost Pearl on Custom Painted Racing Boat

    Your candies and pearls are awesome!! This custom racing boat paint job was custom painted using our Gold Ghost pearl, also known as Gold iridescent pearl, or Gold Interference pearl. We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of our customers who take the time to send us pictures and feedback on all of our products. […]

  • Using Purple Candy on a Chopper takes guts, but this guy pulled it off.

    Candy Pearls on Purple Candy chopper

    Sir Whistler’s Purple Candy Chopper I love it. Nothing but compliments from all the women. Guys are not too hip on the color. Who cares. One of a kind!!!! Purple candy pearl over black and a silver base coat.   We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of our customers who take the time to […]

  • Route 66 Harley. This Bike Painted with a variety of our products, including Ghost pearls, flakes, and candy pearls.

    Route 66 Harley by Gary Matoucha

    Well its finally done… just in time for my ride from Texas to Calif and back, via the way of Route 66. The attached photos are my first paint job – this is a 1994 HD FLSTN that is set up as a FatBoy. The materials I used where the following: Candies: Black Gunmetal Pewter […]

  • Gold Ghost Pearl on Lime Green base coat making this bicycle stand out above the rest.

    Using Pearl on Custom Bicycles

    Gold Ghost Pearls over Green by bike builder Craig Ryan on his Custom Bicycle. Hi, just wanted to let you know I’ve enjoyed using your ghost pearls on my bicycle painting. This is a green I mixed up using ppg dbu. I shot your gold pearl in dbu 500 clear over it with a mask […]

  • Electric Blue and Chameleon Pearls on Camaro.

    Blue Purple Chameleon Pearl Camaro

    Electric Blue Purple Chameleon Pearl Camaro painted by Herman Bast Here are some photo of my 1981 custom Camaro Painted with your pearl, base was Blue with Electric Blue Candy, top coat with Blue/Purple Chameleon pearl. I just love your pearls, and so easy to use Check out this Blue Purple Chameleon Painted Camaro! Also […]

  • 1st place award for purple metal flake paint job.

    Purple Metal Flake Paint Job on Mazda

    “I bought your deep purple micro flake last year and had my car painted with it in the clear coat. Figured I’d send you guys a picture of how great it turned out and of the award I recently won for my paint job!” Whitney Casella   We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of […]

  • You can use any of our pearls to restore wheels, but to get a factory look, Silver Ghost over Black is the way to go.

    Using Ghost Silver Pearls to Restore Wheels

    Make your wheels look new again! Use pearls to restore wheels? Hey Guys, Thought I’d send you a picture of my first attempt at using your pearls in powder coating. This wheel was done with a black base coat with Silver Ghost Pearl and clear top coat. All powder. I’ve used your flakes before with […]

  • This is a Custom Paint Job using our metal flake guitar paint additive, Orange Copper Metal Flake.

    Metal Flake Guitar Paint with Orange Copper Flakes

    Use any of our Flakes to make your metal flake guitar paint.

  • Ghost and Chemeleon Pearl guitar paint for that custom paint look.

    Custom Pearl Guitar Paint with Chameleons

    Make any white project awesome, like this pearl guitar paint with Ghost Pearls and White Chameleons. Subtle color changes can mean everything on stage.

  • Silver Crystal Ghost Pearl on white bug.

    Crystal Silver Pearl on White Bug

    Thanks to Alan Griffin for this incredible photo of your Silver Crystal pearl on White bug. these pictures do not do it justice painted with silver crystal pearl over jag base electric white i used sata jet 3000 spray gun at 35 psi you have a great product i am looking forward doing some more […]

  • Glow in the Dark Wheel painted with our Pink to Orange Glow in the Dark custom paint Pigment.

    Glow in the Dark Wheels

    Using our glow-in-the-dark pink to orange glow, The wheels on this car suddenly stand out. We just dipped the wheels not very Good pics but that was with only 5 mins of light charged on it…From Dynamic Auto Dipping We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of our customers who take the time to send […]

  • Blue Ghost Pearl on this truck makes it pop and win every car show.

    Blue Ghost Pearl Truck

    Why this looks this good, we do not know. But apparently David Gosnell knows how to paint and win awards. This unusual pearl truck is a testament to the inventiveness of our users. I used the Ghost Blue Pearl and it made my truck pop an awesome neon green. Wins at every show. Best paint […]

  • Great stuff!! 1988 softail, 3 coats black base, 3 coats of your ghost red pearl, and 4 coats clear.

    Black Cherry Custom Painted Harley

    Red Ghost Pearls on 1988 Softail make a black cherry custom painted Harley Great stuff!! 1988 softail, 3 coats black base, 3 coats of your ghost red pearl, and 4 coats clear. P.S. I forgot the 3 coats of red candy between the pearl and clear. We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of our customers […]

  • Shimmer Green Kawasaki at Daytona Bike week.

    Shimmer Green Pearl Kawasaki

    Josh Arnold uses Shimmer Green Ghost Pearl and our Flakes to Spruce up his Kawasaki.

  • Custom Super Bike Painted with our 4739OR. This is our Gold Orange Red Chameleon. Chameleon pearls that creates a color shifting paint.

    Chameleon Super Bike in U.A.E.

    I used the Orange to Red to Gold Chameleon Paint Pigment, i mixed up with more than 1 quart of clear ( almost 2 quart including thinner) and purple color came up after the second coat, it was amazing. Then i drew flames using 3M tape and sprayed with Peacock Mixed Flake for three coats. […]

  • Green Ghost Pearl on Titanium Harley Custom Paint Job.

    Pewter Titanium Harley Custom Paint Job

    Hey Matt, Thanks for the awesome product! I ordered the grey titanium candy and the green ghost pearl! check out the results. Tech-specs: PPG base clear and hardener mix 4:1 with teaspoon of powder, Grey primer-ed then 3 coats of titanium then 3 coats of green ghost pearl clear. We at Paint With Pearl appreciate […]

  • Hot Pink Harley with Silver ghost Pearls.

    Hot Pink Harley With Silver Pearl

    This is a project I just finished for a friend of mine, It is hot pink, with your silver ghost pearl. Never sprayed pearl before, was amazed at how simple and well it mixed in clear. Will definitely buy more. Thank you, Ernie We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of our customers who take […]

  • Violet Purple Nissan Skyine painted with Violet Ghost Pearls.

    Ghost Pearls make Violet Purple Nissan Skyline

    Ghost Pearls make Violet Purple Nissan Skyline Hi I purchased some Ghost Violet Pearl from you a while ago now and painted my 1995 R33 Nissan Skyline matte black with 3 coats of the violet pearl. I take my car to various shows here in the UK as part of the SkylineOwners.Com club and the response i […]

  • 3 coats Crystal Wine Red Candy Pearls.

    2007 Crystal Wine Red Candy Electra Glide

    This crystal wine red candy Electra Glide looks great!

  • Nightshade Midnight Blue Dark Candy Pearls.

    NightShade Midnight Blue Pearl Genesis Coupe

    Thanks to Eclipse Auto Spa Midnight Blue Pearl x Genesis Coupe • EAS • @raailusa• @paintwithpearl Might look like a black pearl or a navy blue pearl in the bag. We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of our customers who take the time to send us pictures and feedback on all of our products. […]

  • Gunslinger Bike with Gold Flake custom paint.

    Gunslinger Harley

    Thanks for an awesome product! The metal flake worked exactly as advertised. Easy to spray even for a novice painter like me. Your product helped my create the bike I’ve had in my head for a number of years. I’ve included photos for your use. Also a shout out to Blue Collar Bobbers for the […]

  • A Fire Red Flake Saab from SWEDEN.

    Fire Red Saab 1975 V4-96

    This is my SAAB V4-96 1975 Painted with Fire red flakes You can take this picture away, if you don’t think it’s OK to put it in the comments /Sweden Why would we take down a cool custom paint job like that? It looks great. 🙂 We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of our […]

  • Blue to Green Chameleon paint pearls on Nissan Cefiro A31.

    Nissan Cefiro A31 with Blue to Green Chameleon

    1992 Nissan Cefiro A31 Painted with : gold to green to blue chameleon flakes Bangkok, Thailand Yes, we ship worldwide! ‪#‎paintwithpearl‬ ‪#‎theoriginal‬ We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of our customers who take the time to send us pictures and feedback on all of our products. Our Candy Pearls, Metal Flakes, True Chameleon pigments, […]

  • Sweet Thermochromic video for a toilet seat that changes color with temperature.

    Temperature Changing Paint Toilet Seat

    Must watch! New thermochromic (color changing) paint! Painted by Dana Klein. Available now! Call (701)452-4603 for more information. Edit: This changes when you sit on it. Not pee on it. The water was just to change it fast for the video. I would bet it would change when you pee on it too. It is […]

  • Audi Dipped in Hydro Transfer using Blue Ghost, Violet Ghost, Electric Blue, Black gunmetal. All this using dip or other coatings Pearls from Paint with Pearl.

    Custom Painted Audi by Ramon Dumitrache

    Awesome Audi Custom dip or other coatings Pearl Job! That’s my last work …i want to know if you like it??? Yes… We Love it! One of the best plasti dip pearl jobs we have ever seen! We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of our customers who take the time to send us pictures […]

  • Royal Blue and Sapphire Blue Candy on Custom Painted Bicycle.

    Custom Paint Job on a Custom Bicycle

    Sweet Bicycle! Someone is going to turn some heads…Check out this custom paint job on a custom bicycle! Just finished!! I used your royal blue candy with sapphire blue candy over that!! 3 coats of each then topped with 4 coats of clear!! Love your product! Very easy to work with! Will use you guys […]

  • 4759RBP Red Blue Purple Chameleon paint on dash board.

    Red Blue Purple Chameleon Rims and Dash

    Sweet Red Blue Purple Chameleon (Colorshift) Rims and Dash Hey guys i love your stuff, i was recommended by a friend and i placed my last order last year and have been painting all sorts of automotive goodies. Here are some pics I managed to find of my hobby. Thanks! We at Paint With Pearl appreciate […]

  • Violet Blue Fender Telecaster painted with our Violet Blue Ghost Pearl

    Violet Blue Fender Telecaster

    Thank you,  Jack!  What an awesome guitar! Here are some pictures of my Violet  Blue Fender Telecaster. I painted it black on the back, sides, around the edges of the front and stained the rest of the front. I then sprayed the whole guitar with your Violet Blue Pearl and then clear lacquer. What do […]

  • Black Harley. But this is not just a Black Harley, This is an Apple Red Metal Flake Sportster.

    Apple Red Metal Flake Sportster

    Apple Red Metal Flake Sportster Attached are some pictures of a sportster that I used your flake on.  It came out incredible and in the right light just looks alive.  Thanks for a great product.  Next to come is a ’55 chevy! -Brian We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of our customers who take […]

  • Blue Ice Crystal Pearls on a sweet truck.

    Blue Crystal Ghost Pearl Truck

    Blue Crystal Ghost Pearl Truck Hey, I just tested out your pearl on a truck and I am very pleased with the results! I will definitely use your product again. This is Black base, 3 coats of blue crystal Ghost Pearl, and 3 coats of blue shimmer.  I even have enough left over for another paint job! […]

  • Green Shimmer Ghost Pearl Custom Painted Motorcycle tank.

    Green Shimmer Ghost ZX12

    Green Shimmer Ghost ZX12 We talked a little while ago I have the white with green shimmer zx12 you posted on your face book page. I’m doing a new build and doing a powder coated frame swingarm and wheels in lime green. I’m wanting to put the green shimmer I used last time in the […]

  • Green to Orange Copper Chameleon Pearls.

    Chameleon Guitar Paint

    Chameleon Guitar Paint That was done with your  Green to Orange Copper Chameleon Pearls ® PWP4739CS over a black base. If you would like a testimonial you may use the following;  As a custom finisher of high end guitars I can appreciate quality materials. I have through the years used the best products that all the […]

  • This guitar is painted with yellow and black candy concentrates.

    Custom Paint Jobs on Guitars and GSXR

    Custom paint Jobs on Guitars and GSXR First yellow guitar is a mix of candy black and yellow..second one is the candy cinnamon over dark brown primer..orange guitar was the orange pearl with a minor bit of flake…gsxr bike is a mix of base ghost white…then orange..then candy red..3 stage paint job..pics do it no […]

  • Kevin Salt's SoCal Vw Bug is Painted with Mostly Paint With Pearl products.

    Kevin Salt’s SoCal VW Bug

    This Beautiful VW Custom Paint Job Shot SoCal style in The Netherlands.

  • Custom Chameleon Trike Paint Job on a Trike with our 4739OR.

    Custom Chameleon Trike 4739OR

    Our 4739OR Chameleon Painted on a Trike by Bob DeGroot. He IS GROOT!

  • Orange Copper Candy and Gold Ghost Pearl on Ford F-150 Custom Paint.

    1978 Ford F-150 Custom Paint

    1978 Ford F-150 Custom Paint Here are some pics of 1978 f-150, orange paint, orange copper, gold ghost pearl, clear. Looks fantastic, lot’s of compliments, thanks for all your help. Not bad for 1st. paint job, next will be much better. –TB We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of our customers who take the […]

  • Electric Blue Corvette painted over black base coat. True Custom Paint.

    Electric Blue Corvette looking Dark

    Scott Paints an Electric Blue over a black base coat on a sweet corvette.

  • Rat Fink Guitar Bass from Naked Body Guitars painted with Limetreuse metal flake.

    Rat Fink Guitar from Naked Body Guitars

    Rat Fink Guitar from Naked Body Guitars Hey Matt. Dawn from Naked Body Guitars. Just wanted to send you a few shots of the completed Limetreuse Sparkle Bass project I finished for my client. I also wanted to inquire if you had a close up photo of the Peacock flakes as I am considering using […]

  • Gold Shimmer Ghost Pearl on Honda CRX.

    Gold Ghost Honda CRX

    1989 Honda CRX with Red Base Coat and Gold ghost Pearl.

  • White Shimmer Ghost Pearl on White cycle.

    Pearl White Harley

    White Shimmer Ghost Pearl and Blue Hue Ghost Pearls.

  • Route 66 Harley with Pearls, lots of them, combined to create a truly awesome custom paint.

    Route 66 Harley with Pearls

    Pearls: Black Gunmetal, Pewter Titanium, Gold Pearls. Flakes: Titanium, Apple Red

  • Jet boat airbrushed with Red Wine Candy, Electric Blue, Silver Platinum Ghost Pearls.

    Silver Platinum Ghost Pearl on Jet Boat

    An airbrushed Jet Boat using several of our pearls.

  • Green Holographic on a Metal Flake Super-bike.

    Green Holographic Metal Flake Super-bike

    This Metal Flake Super-Bike was painted with our Green Holographic I ordered your holographic green flake last year for my last motorcycle and loved the results! So I’m back for more…. We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of our customers who take the time to send us pictures and feedback on all of our […]

  • Blue Pearl, Black Gunmetal Caddy with Midnight Blue Flake

    2003 Cadillac Seville Custom Paint Job

    With Gunmetal Black Candy, Blue Pearl, and Midnight Blue Flake

  • Gold and White Ghost pearl on a Hemi Chrysler 300

    Dreamsicle Chrysler 300c

    Gold and White Ghost Pearls painted on Chrysler 300c.

  • Pink Candy Pearls Monte Carlo.

    1971 Monte Carlo Pink Pearl Additives

    1971 Monte Carlo Pink Pearl Additives Hi, I used a few of your pink additives in my custom paint on my custom 1971 Monte Carlo… We got the paint done on it in early Feb 2009…  Since then, My Monte has been featured in a mini-poster and will be featured in a custom auto mag […]

  • Sweet Yellow Pearls and Candy Trike.

    Yellow Metallic Paint Trike with Metal Flake and Ghost Pearl

    Yellow Metallic Paint Trike with Metal Flake and Ghost Pearl Here is my completed trike using your pearl, flakes and ghost pearl. I used all yellow tints over black primer. We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of our customers who take the time to send us pictures and feedback on all of our products. […]

  • Electric Blue Flames with Blue shimmer ghost pearl over jet black flake.

    Electric Blue Flames with Jet Black Flake, Blue Shimmer Ghost


  • Blue to Purple Chameleon shifter on Lexus.

    Lexus SC 300 With Blue Purple Chameleon Flip Paint

    Get a more subtle Chameleon look by adding half of the recommended amounts… I have just ordered another $140 worth of pearls, and would like to thank Paint with Pearl for the good product. I have painted a number of projects with the paint and everything has turned out great. Attached are pictures of a […]

  • Gold Candy Pearl on new Drum allows wood grain to be seen right through!

    Gold Candy Pearl on Drum

    Gold Candy Pearl on Drum Check out this wooden drum topped off with Gold Candy Pearl! You can see the wood grain right through. We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of our customers who take the time to send us pictures and feedback on all of our products. Our Candy Pearls, Metal Flakes, True […]

  • Amusement Park Ride Painted with our flakes.

    Jeff puts Custom Paint on Amusement Park Rides

    Custom Paint on Amusement Park Rides I am sending some pics of what I have been doing with your product. I do agree that the ease of use and lower material count is just awesome. I will send pics time to time of future projects. Keep up the good product.–Jeff We at Paint With Pearl appreciate […]

  • Corvette Orange with Orange copper Metal Flake

    ’97 Electra Glide Ultra Classic Harley with Orange Copper Metal Flake

    This Electra Glide motorcycle looks beautiful with orange candy paint and Orange Copper Metal flake. This bike is a real head turner!

  • 57 Chevy Using our Pearls and Flakes. to create a Gold reflection in the finish.

    Tom’s 57 Chevy Lambo Orange Paint Project

    The beginning of a beautiful custom paint job! Looks like a Lambo Orange Paint, but way better… Hi Matt: This is the 57 before it was put back together. Your pearls and flakes really made a difference. I used six different pearls and orange copper flake. The photos don’t really do it justice. Seeing it […]

  • Jet Boat Painted with multiple pearl pigments.

    Silver Platinum Pearl Jet Boat

    Hello Matt, I purchased some pearls from you on E-bay last year around this time, I have attached some pics of my 1971 Kona jet boat, with a 455 Oldsmobile motor. There is a lot going on in, under, and on top of each color the basf coat for the candies is chroma-base and the green has blue […]

  • Strato Blue Flake Dune Buggy

    The cool Strato Flake Dune Buggy painted with 1 Jar of flake. Here is a pic from my vw buggy using your Strato Blue Flake. It is shot over a black base coat with 3 coats of clear mixed with strato blue and just one coat of plain clear over the rest. Thanks for a […]

  • Light Pink Shimmer Over A Car

    John’s Pink Candy and Flake Mini Cooper

    Pink Candy and Flake Mini Cooper Hi there have just placed another order and have enclosed a picture  of car i’ve finished using your pink candy paint and pink metal flake . Not a professional painter, done this at home but your products were so easy to use. john We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all […]

  • Rose Red flake Painted on an Explorer with just 1 Jar for this large SUV.

    Dale paints a Rose Red Metal Flake Explorer

    Rose Red Metal Flake Explorer Hi Matt and Lyndi, This is my son’s girlfriend’s Explorer that he painted with your Rose Red metal Flake this past weekend. It turned out great, while it was out in the yard drying many friends stopped by to admire it. I must say it is a real eye catcher, […]

  • Rose Red Candy pearls on Drum Set by DMR Drums.

    Daniel M. Roettele – Rose Red Candy Pearl Drum

    Mauve rose Red Candy Pearl Drum I am adding your website to my website links if that is ok check out my site www.dmrdrums.com This drum has a lightly mixed rose red candy pearl paint on it with a darker fade. rose red. What is very hard to see is the clear is loaded with your […]

  • Apple Green Candy Pearl and Silver Crystal used on model Impala.

    Alex G. Evans ’67 Apple Green Candy Pearl Impala

    Apple Green Candy Pearl Impala Hello Matt, I just thought that you would like to see how well your product came out on my model build.  I used Apple Green candy paint pearl on a black base and Silver Crystal on white.  I have included a link to your web site on my site.  If […]

  • Richard Clemmey's Chameleon Tractor! Green Gold Chamelon Flip Paint.

    Richard Clemmey’s 1951 8N Chameleon Tractor Paint

    Richard Clemmey painted this tractor a few years back with our Green to Blue Flip chameleon. It's now on sale.

  • Customer Painted a Caprice with Fire Red and Happy with results.

    Fire Red Metal Flake Caprice

    Fire Red Metal Flake Caprice I must say i am very pleased with the results i got from using your micro fire red metal flake, here are some pics of my 91 caprice (fire red) i used a black base and three coats of clear following the maximum recommended 2 tsp per quart, then i […]

  • Candy and Pearl go carts.

    Borkowski and Boggs go kart custom paint

    Go Kart Custom Paint Just wanted to show you what we did with the candy paint and pearl paint  I bought from you. Thank you very much. We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of our customers who take the time to send us pictures and feedback on all of our products. Our Candy Pearls, Metal […]

  • Electric Blue Honda Goldwing as Seen on our Testimonials.

    Gary Smith’s Goldwing GL 1500- Purple Metal Flake and Electric Blue Candy Pearl

    Goldwing Purple Metal Flake and Electric Blue Candy Pearl Hi! I have been trying to send you pics of a Goldwing GL1500 I painted with the purple metal flake and the electric blue candy paint pearl. When I try to send through the link it gives me an illegal operation so here are the pics. […]

  • 64 Nova Wagon with Fire Red Metal Flake

    Fire Red Metal Flake Paint Job on a Rare 64 Chevy Nova

    Fire red metal flake paint job on a cool 64 Nova wagon.

  • Silver Holographic Motorcycle GSXR

    Don Long’s Custom Orange GSXR

    Recently we bought some of your Micro Holographic Flake to use in matching a customers bike to a helmet he recently purchased. He was looking for a dusting of flake, not full coverage. We used about 3 leveled tablespoons per quart of pre-reduced clear. I have attached some pictures of the final product as well […]