Custom Paint made easy | How do we define Custom Paint

Custom paint can be described in various ways, but it’s essentially unique paint that’s unlike anyone else’s.

This applies to cars, buildings, interiors, toys, and decorations. It’s a form of expression that goes beyond ordinary colors, except for natural elements like trees and the sky. Custom paint adds an extra layer to create depth and dimension, revealing more as you gaze at it. This concept applies to cars, motorcycles, faux finishes, powder coatings, pottery glazes, and even simple arts and crafts. The possibilities are limitless, and you can create millions of color combinations using your imagination.

Red Ghost Pearl on Blue Chevy Fender

Red Ghost Pearl on Blue Chevy Fender

Rose Red Candy painted over a silver base coat.

Rose Red Candy painted over a silver base coat.

We offer various paint options, such as Red Ghost Pearl for a Blue Chevy and Mauve Red Candy over a black base coat.

With our Paint With Pearl products, you have the flexibility to create numerous colors by mixing them together. It’s all about the painter’s choice and creativity. To achieve the desired results, painters should consider using small test panels.

Our focus is on providing authentic custom paint, unlike mass-produced alternatives from large manufacturers. We believe custom paint should be accessible to everyone without the need for expensive paint jobs. Often, paint companies mark up prices significantly, but we keep our costs lower.

As a small family business run by Matt and Lyndi Donley, we operate without employees, allowing us to maintain affordable prices. Our dedication to customer service is evident through thousands of positive feedback on Google and Amazon.

Our products, including pearl pigment, candy pigment, and metal flakes, have versatile applications beyond paint. Clients in concrete finishing, plastics, interior decorating, and powder coating use them. We have resellers worldwide and actively support their success.

For assistance, feel free to reach out via email or phone. While we can process orders over the phone, please note that we do not provide painting lessons. If you need guidance on prepping a car for painting, you can find valuable information in various online forums and newsgroups. Our user’s pages also offer ideas for creating your unique custom paint job.

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