How to Mix Your Own Custom Paint

Creating Custom Paint Made Easy

Watch our user-friendly video tutorial on crafting your custom paint. We get that handling paint powders can feel daunting, but don’t worry; we’re here to prove that it’s a breeze. Many paint companies follow the same path, charging extra for custom paint. However, with our products, you can stick to your preferred paint brands and achieve outstanding results.

Video Tutorial

Our YouTube video shows you just how simple it is to mix your custom paint. Keep in mind that the powder-to-paint ratios may vary based on the product you’re using and your preferences. A good starting point for Candy and Chameleon is one bag per mixed quart, but feel free to adjust it. Black base coats are more forgiving and might need less pigment, while white or silver bases could use a bit more for that perfect finish.

This video offers a visual guide to using our products for your DIY custom paint projects. Here’s the straightforward process:

  1. Find out your manufacturer’s mixing ratio (typically 50/50 with reducer/clear for Excel or other base clears).
  2. Add reducer/clear and our product to create one sprayable quart.
  3. Note: When using Ghost Pearl, one teaspoon per mixed quart is plenty (slightly less for black base coat), and for metal flake, one heaping tablespoon per mixed quart does the trick.

It’s that easy!

Endless Creative Possibilities

Our product line, featuring Candy Pearls, Metal Flakes, Chameleon Pigments, Thermochromics, and Glow In The Dark paints, offers versatility for various applications. Explore unlimited creative options with Paint With Pearl and bring your artistic vision to life.

Share your work, whether photos, videos, or testimonials, with us. If we showcase your project, you’ll receive a gift card for our website. We love highlighting our customers’ incredible creations. Get in touch and send us your work!

Our additives are not only compatible with vehicle wraps but also a pioneering addition to the coatings industry. You can trust our products to deliver exceptional results.

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How to Mix Custom Paint from Paint With Pearl