Leader in Paint and Pearl Pigments Since 2005

Pearl Pigments and How They Work Everywhere

Over the past decade, we’ve gained valuable insights into pearl pigments and metallic pigments, also known as Candy Pearls®.

We’ve led the way in mixing these pigments with various coatings for do-it-yourself projects. Understanding that pearl pigments can withstand high temperatures of around 1600 degrees and remain stable and non-reactive has opened up new possibilities. We’ve successfully used them in powder coating, fiberglass, nail polish, and even pottery glaze and glass blowing with our Ghost Pearls®.

Our journey began in 2004 when I decided to paint my 1949 Buick Super in white but wanted to give it an iridescent touch of another color.

I visited a local paint store and discovered that a tiny amount of pearl pigment (a Dupont® product) cost about $30 for roughly 20 grams. It was then that I realized there had to be a more affordable way to obtain pearl pigments. Finding the right manufacturers was challenging a decade ago, but we persevered. With our tax return check, we purchased our first shipment of pearl pigment, now known as “Ghost Pearls,” and started selling them in 25-gram bags. We opened an eBay store under the name 69_Muscle.

Unfortunately, I was laid off from my job shortly afterward, so I used my severance pay to build a website to complement our eBay store.

After two months of learning web programming, we had a small site that began selling pearl pigments independently. This marked the birth of Paint With Pearl. Now, a decade later, numerous copycat websites and competitors have emerged, recognizing the great idea we had. You can still visit our old website at retro.paintwithpearl.com.

Over the years, we’ve expanded our product range to include various colors and special effects pigments. However, we remain a small family business, proud to offer the BEST customer service and the MOST COMPETITIVE prices on the web.