Metal Flake – Metallic Flakes

Metal Flake Paint – Add Sparkle to Your Project

Metal flake paint is a classic choice in custom painting. However, using traditional large flakes often leads to extra work and challenges, especially when dealing with edges and corners. Some older flake paint jobs faced issues because the flakes were too big to go around doors and hoods smoothly. At Paint With Pearl, we primarily offer the smallest metal flakes for easier application. These tiny flakes provide excellent coverage, even in tight spots. Our flakes are sized at .004 inches (4 thousandths of an inch).

Creating a stunning metal flake paint job is straightforward with our flakes. Here’s how:

  1. Start by selecting your base coat. Black is a good choice if you want the flakes to show their true color.
  2. Add a generous tablespoon of our flake to any clear coat. We recommend using a base clear for mixing, such as PPG’s DBC-500 or HOK’s intercoat clear.
  3. Knockdown and sanding aren’t significant issues with our flakes. In some cases, just three coats of clear can provide full coverage, leaving your car’s edges as smooth as new. Our solvent-resistant polyester flakes can withstand clear coat chemicals.


We also offer various chameleon flakes, which add mesmerizing color-changing effects when painted over a black surface. Additionally, we have hologram and prismatic flakes that bring holographic rainbow effects to your paint job, whether it’s candy paint or pearl paint.

Our flakes have found success in powder coating applications as well. Mixing the flakes at a 1/40 ratio with any color of powder coating can produce a fantastic flake effect. All our flakes (except chameleons) can handle temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, making them suitable for powder coatings, paint, and gel coat.

Boat builders and fiberglass fabricators have used our products for both restoring old fiberglass and creating new fiberglass items. In the world of interior decor and faux finishes, our flakes have added unique touches to various projects, from creating underwater aesthetics with our peacock flake to enhancing storefronts with glitz and glamour. The possibilities are vast.

Our metal flakes have been utilized in custom toy building, helicopter painting, and many other applications, showcasing their versatility. You can mix our pearl pigments and candy paints with our flakes to create stunning custom paint finishes.


We believe in providing affordable custom paint options, and our products come from the same manufacturers as those expensive brands you’ll find in local paint shops. We’ve been pioneers in introducing pearls to the world and making them available for a fraction of the price. If you need guidance on which products will work best with your existing paint or want to discuss your options, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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