Powder Coater’s Corner, Powder Coating with our products

Unleash the Potential of Powder Coating with Pigments

🌟 Embrace the Ease of Powder Coating with Pigments

  • No Expertise Required: Dive into powder coating with ease using our products.
  • Perfect Compatibility: Our pearls and pigments are tailored for optimal performance with powder coat clears.

🎨 Mastering Your Mix

  • Base Coat Dynamics: Best results are seen in a base coat-clear coat setup.
  • Mixing Tips: Mix our pearls with clear powders for a striking effect. Colored powders may overshadow the pearls, but some have achieved great results with such combinations.

💡 Versatility of Pearls

  • Bold or Subtle: Control the impact by adjusting the pearl concentration in your mix.
  • Recommended Ratios: For a vivid effect, use one bag of our pearl per pound of clear powder. For subtlety, spread one bag across five pounds of powder.

✔️ Suitable for All Powder Coating Projects

  • Universal Fit: Almost all our products are perfect for powder coating applications.
  • Ready to Experiment?: Dive into the world of powder coating with confidence. Have questions or need guidance? Contact us!

🛒 Easy Access and Support

  • Get Started Today: Explore our range of products on Amazon Prime for your powder coating needs. Reach out for any queries – we’re here to help!

Start your powder coating with pigments journey with our easy-to-use products and tips. Whether you’re aiming for bold accents or a gentle shimmer, our pearls and pigments will elevate your projects. Give us a try and discover the difference! Visit our FAQ page or Contact Us for more information.

Metal Flake

Remember, all of our quality flakes can be baked at 400 degrees without breaking down, and are so small .004″, they will require very little sanding (if any at all). They can be cleared over to create incredible effects!

Gold Ghost Pearl on Lime Green base coat making this bicycle stand out above the rest.


If you are thinking about painting a Chopper or any kind of piant job that may require powder-coat to paint matching, the same effects can acheived when using the same products in your paint as in your powder coatings. That is why Paint With Pearl sells high quality, high temperature pigments and flakes that can perform in both paint and powder-coating applications.

The Need for Paint is Shrinking…
As powder coating increase in quality and versatility, many good powder coating actually rival the look of custom paint!

Using our products, you can achieve this look in your powder coatings and bring your work to a new level!