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  • Elevate Your Project with Gold Green Blue Chameleon Metal Flake!

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  • Experience the Enchantment of Aqua Blue Purple Chameleon Flake

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  • Gold Orange Purple Chameleon Paint Pearl 4739OV

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  • Green Copper Orange Chameleon Paint Flakes .004″ micro

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  • Mix ‘N Match Chameleon Colors Paint Pack | Paint With Pearl

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Chameleon Flakes

A great way to make a color shifting statement is with our Chameleon Flakes. With four different colors to choose from, these flakes are hard to beat. They are a transparent white in color, so they can even give you great effects when painted over white and other colors.

This is our Gold to Green to Blue Chameleon flakes. Cool.

This is our Gold to Green to Blue Chameleon flakes. Cool.

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