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  • Holographic Pearl Pigment – Prism Effects

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Transform Your Paint Job with Hologram Pearls for a Rainbow Effect

🌈 Create a Dazzling Prismatic Reflection

  • Versatile and Vibrant: Ideal for enhancing most color bases, our Hologram Pearls impart a stunning rainbow effect.
  • Unique Composition: Crafted from ultra-fine foil, these pearls are a mere .002″ in size, offering a pearl-like appearance with their powdery texture.

Elevate any paint project with our new Hologram Pearls, designed to add a mesmerizing rainbow effect to your work. These finely cut foil particles act like tiny prisms, casting a spectrum of colors for a truly unique finish. Whether applied over dark or light hues, these pearls provide a captivating prismatic reflection, making your paint job stand out.