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Discover the Magic of Temperature Changing Paint: Heat Sensitive Color-Changing Pigments (thermochromics)

🌡️ Transform Surfaces with Temperature-Sensitive Paint

  • Innovative Thermochromic Technology: Experience the dynamic temperature change paint in color at 86 degrees F, a temperature responsive to body heat, making it perfect for interactive applications.
  • Customizable Temperatures: Need a specific temperature response? We’re happy to cater to custom orders to meet your unique needs.

🔮 Create Your Custom Coating

  • DIY Friendly: Mix and create your own temperature-sensitive coatings with our versatile pigments. Perfect for a variety of projects, from crafts to safety applications.
  • Reveal with Heat: As temperatures rise, watch as the paint becomes transparent, unveiling underlying designs or colors.

💰 Exceptional Value and Variety

  • Leading the Market: Paint With Pearl offers competitive pricing on top-quality thermochromic pigments. We’re proud to be pioneers in selling these pigments online.
  • Special Orders Welcome: Interested in different temperature ranges? Contact us to explore our variety of special-order pigments, including options for both cold and hot temperature changes.

🛡️ Enhanced Durability and Protection

  • UV Intolerant Solutions: Pair our thermochromic paints with ghost pearls or white chameleon pearls. The Titanium Oxide in these pearls, similar to sunscreen ingredients, helps safeguard the color-changing qualities from UV exposure.

🎨 Versatile Applications Beyond Aesthetics

  • Not Just for Vehicles: While stunning on cars and motorcycles, these paints have practical uses too, like temperature indicators on cups or safety warnings on surfaces like bathtubs.

Transform your projects with our heat-sensitive, color-changing paint and experience the blend of art and technology. Contact us to explore the endless possibilities with thermochromic paint!

Temperature changing paint on Chameleon Super-Bike. John Haro's handprint on his thermochromic pigment painted motorcycle tank. Temperature changing chameleon!.

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