All Kandy Wet Wet PLUS Clear Coat UV

FREE SHIPPING – Choose between Gallon Kit, and our Quart Kit of this quality Wet Wet PLUS with extra UV protection (a high solids formula).

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All Kandy Wet Wet PLUS Clear Coat UV Top-Coat Kit

This is a 2:1 Ratio Base Coat Clear coat that is the perfect medium for mixing with our Pearls, Flakes, and other pigments. It comes with your choice of Fast, Medium, or Slow reducer. Dries quickly to reduce any chances of color runs. This is a quality top coat clear.

Extra Solids for maximum UV protection for Candy Concentrates, Fluorescents, Thermochromics.

Comes with your choice of activator:

  1. Fast for painting in cooler weather, (Under 70 degrees)
  2. Medium for painting right around room temperature or under 80 degrees
  3. Slow for painting in Hot weather situations to give the paint time to level off.

We have been selling this Wet Wet PLUS clear coat UV for a few years now and have never had a single complaint about the quality of this product.

The activator mixes 1 to 2 with the All Kandy Wet Wet Clear Coat and is ready to spray.

All Kandy Wet Wet PLUS Clear Coat kits come in two sizes: Gallon kit and Quart kit. The Quart Kit makes 1 1/2 quarts of sprayable material, while the Gallon Kit will make 1 1/2 sprayable gallons of Wet Wet Top coat clear.

An important note about shipping:

All Kandy, LLC. base-coat clears and top-coat clears! Available to U.S. residents ONLY! (not available to California, Alaska, or Hawaii due to HAZMAT shipping regulations). Due to high amounts of web fraud, we will only ship All Kandy products if billing address is same as shipping address.

All sales FINAL, and any disputes or issues need to be taken up with the manufacturer / shipper, ALL KANDY, LLC. By purchasing any products by ALL KANDY, LLC, the purchaser is entering into a sales agreement with ALL KANDY, LLC, and Paint With Pearl is acting solely as a liason for such sale. Due to high amounts of web fraud, we will only ship All Kandy products if billing address is same as shipping address.  Visit our FAQ page for  more answers to your questions, or contact us, we are always ready to answer questions.


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All Kandy Wet Wet PLUS Clear Coat UV
All Kandy Wet Wet PLUS Clear Coat kit is great for protecting your more sensitive pigments, like Candy Concentrates, Thermochromics, Fluorescent pigments.
All Kandy
Manufactured by: AutoBahn
Model: WetWetPLUS
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Kit Size (Gallon or Quart)

1 Gallon Kit, 1 Quart Kit

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