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  • Excel Gallon of base clear KIT. Makes two gallons (includes 1 gallon reducer).
  • Base clear dries quickly, preventing pooling and “tiger stripes”.
  • Ideal for mixing pearls, candies, thermochromics, and other pigments.t
  • Dries with matte finish that should be clear coated with top coat clear.
  • Compatible to PPG DMD 649.
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74001 / 74004 Base Clear With Reducer

DESCRIPTION: Clear Mixing Base is a direct replacement for PPG DMD 649, which are used in PPG DBC and DBU basecoat systems. Clear Mixing Base is available in quarts and gallons. INSTRUCTIONS: Agitate thoroughly before use. Use according to paint manufacturer’s mixing recommendations. Reseal after each use.  APPLICATION: Apply product according to paint manufacturer’s recommendations. V.O.C. Regulatory: 6.01 lbs/gal. (720 g/l) Actual 6.01 lbs/gal (720 g/l).

FAST REDUCER – Fast Evaporating 60ºF-70ºF

MEDIUM REDUCER – Medium Evaporating 65ºF-75ºF

SLOW REDUCER – Slow Evaporating 85ºF & above

DISCLAMER: PPG, Deltron and Concept are registered trade names of PPG. PPG does not manufacture, endorse or guarantee Excel refinish products.

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Reducer Drying Speed

Slow, Medium, Fast


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