Excel Color Blender for Mixing Pearls, Candies, Pigments

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  • Makes 2 quarts sprayable base clear.
  • Perfect for mixing with pearls, candies, pigments, flakes.
  • Fast Drying to prevent runs and tiger stripes.
  • Compare to PPG DBC-500 and SAVE.
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73001 and 73004 Color Blender Compare to PPG DBC-500

DESCRIPTION: Color Blender is a universal blending product that can be used as a wet-bed sealer, lock-down clear, cut-in clear, mid-coat for tri-coats, graphics and basecoat blender. This blending agent is compatible with most basecoat systems and can be reduced with standard and reactive reducers. FEATURES: Lock-down clear; reduces mottling used with basecoat, tri-coats, pearls and metallics Fast dry cut-in clear in areas not exposed to sunlight Wet bed sealer; better adhesion, better color match INSTRUCTIONS: Note: 73001 should be reduced with the same type of reducer that was used in the base coat. If reactive reducer was used in the basecoat, reduce 73001 with reactive reducer. If urethane grade reducer was used in the base, use urethane grade reducer in the 73001. Also, if a basecoat activator was added to the basecoat, add basecoat activator to the 73001. Lock-down clear Reduce CP-56500 Color Blender 1:1 with appropriate reducer. Apply 1 light coat to lock down the metallic/pearls. Allow 10 minutes to dry before applying the clearcoat. Color Blender Reduce Color Blender 1:1 with appropriate reducer. Add 1 part 73001 reduced mixture to 1 part reduced basecoat. Apply 1-2 coats of this mixture on the blend area extending each coat a little further out on the blend area. Allow 10 minute flash time between coats. Allow 15 minutes dry time before applying clearcoat. Cut-In Clear Reduce Color Blender 1:1 with appropriate reducer. Clearcoat Activator(5%) may be added to improve durability. Apply basecoat color and allow to dry according to paint manufacturer’s recommendations. Apply 2-3 coats of reduced Color Blender. Allow 10 minutes flash time between coats. Note: Do not apply in areas that will be exposed to direct sunlight. Mid-coat / Inner coat clear Apply basecoat or color coat and allow to dry according to paint manufacturer’s recommendations. Reduce Color Blender 1:1 with appropriate reducer and apply 1-2 light coats. Allow to dry 15 minutes and apply next coat of color. 73001 is not compliant in California

TECHNICAL DATA Color Water Clear Activator/Hardener N/A Reducer Fast, Medium,Slow, or Ex-Slow Urethane Reducer Mix Ratio 1:1 Pot Life N/A Number of Coats N/A Recoat w/o sanding N/A Flash Time N/A Dry to Sand N/A Air Dry 70˚F (21˚C) 50% RH N/A Force Dry N/A Gun Set-Up Gravity Feed (HVLP) 1.3-1.4mm Air Pressure @ Gun (HVLP) 8 – 10 psi @ THE AIR CAP Air Pressure @ Gun (Conventional) 40 -45 psi V.O.C. Limit Canada & California 4.5 lbs/gal (540 g/l) Sprayable V.O.C.* Actual 5.98 lbs/gal (717 g/l) Regulatory 5.98 lbs/gal (717 g/l) % Solids Sprayable by Weight N/A Cov. Sq. Ft. / gal @ 1 mil* N/A

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Quart, Gallon

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Fast, Medium, Slow


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