Euro Glass Clear by High Teck 7.5 Liter Kit | Discover the Excellence | 2.1 VOC


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  • Great top-coat clear to protect custom paint jobs
  • Includes Activator for a total volume of 7.5 Liters.
  • Low V.O.C.s (2.1) will meet European Standards
  • High Gloss Finish and Quick Build Up.
  • Makes close to 1.5 Gallons (7.5 Liters)

5 Litre + 2.5 Litre Activator

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Discover the Excellence of 2.1 VOC Euro Glass Clear by High Teck

When it comes to automotive refinishing and body repair, professionals seek products that not only comply with environmental regulations but also deliver superior performance. High Teck Products introduces the 2.1 VOC Euro Glass Clear (Part No. 77190-5) – a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability. Let’s delve into the features and specifications of this outstanding product that sets new standards in the automotive paint industry.

Unparalleled Features for Flawless Finishes

The 2.1 VOC Euro Glass Clear is designed to meet the stringent Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) regulations without compromising on quality. Here are its standout features:

  • Compliance with 2.1 VOC Regulations: Adhering to environmental standards, this product ensures your work is both eco-friendly and regulatory compliant.
  • Exceptional Gloss Retention: It maintains an excellent gloss over time, ensuring that the vehicles you work on continue to shine like new.
  • Smooth Application: The formula is crafted for ease of application, providing smooth flow and leveling. This feature helps in achieving a flawless finish with minimal effort.
  • Versatility: It works over most basecoat systems, offering flexibility in use across a wide range of automotive paint jobs.
  • Buffing Timeframe: The product can be buffed between 6-36 hours after application, offering a convenient window for finishing touches.

For optimal performance, the 2.1 VOC Euro Glass Clear uses one of three specific activators: 77191-25, 77192-25, or 77193-25. This compatibility ensures the product’s versatility and effectiveness in various professional settings.

Key Specifications

  • Part Number: 77190-5
  • Product Line: HIT
  • Manufacturer: High Teck Products
  • UPC: 813834015290
  • Part Status: A
  • Rubberized: No

The 2.1 VOC Euro Glass Clear stands out in the market for its eco-friendly composition and superior performance. High Teck Products, known for their innovative solutions in the automotive refinishing sector, once again delivers a product that professionals can trust for outstanding results.

Whether you’re a professional in auto body repair or an enthusiast seeking the best products for your vehicle, the 2.1 VOC Euro Glass Clear by High Teck is a choice that offers both compliance and quality. With its exceptional features and specifications, this product ensures that your automotive refinishing projects are not just successful, but also environmentally responsible.

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