Advertising In Urinals with heat reactive paint?

An amazing new trend has caught our eyes, and our gag reflex! Guerrilla advertising in urinals.  Yes, it is weird, but it makes sense?  What is the one time of day you can find a man concentrating very hard?  No pun intended, but yes, it is when he is concentrating on his pee stream.

Well, it turns out that our thermochromic pigments are perfect for that. If you intend to use it for this purpose, we suggest you use a thermochromic that activates at 77º F or even 72º F temperature. Until it gets onto the site, we suggest special ordering by calling 1-844-732-7548 or 1-844-PEARL-IT.

Men traditionally like to have a “target” while urinating, and what if that target revealed itself to be an advertisement? It seems hokey, but makes sense.  Even the city of San Fransisco has Thermo Painted signs in their public restrooms on the end of Pier 39. This type of marketing has been used on beer cans and many other advertisements. It seems that advertising in urinals may be the new frontier of marketing. How much more often do you get complete attention to your ads?