Transform Your Projects with Purple Ghost Pearl: Add Stunning Purple Hues and Iridescent Color

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Purple Crystal Ghost Pearl – 1600 Degree Temperature Threshold, Protects Base colors while adding incredible effect. Works in all clear coatings. 1 Bag Treats a gallon of ready to spray paint.



Introduction to Purple Ghost Pearl Powder

  • What It Is: Purple Ghost Pearl Powder is a unique pigment powder used for special effects in various applications.

Key Features of Purple Ghost Pearl

  • Packaging: Sold in 25-gram bags.
  • Ideal Quantity: Each bag treats 1 gallon of sprayable base clear.

Applications of Purple Ghost Pearl

  • Versatility: Suitable for paint, powder-coating, epoxy resin, polishes, and sealers.
  • Special Effects: Adds a custom effect to various coatings.

Usage Instructions

  • Mixing Ratio: One bag per gallon of sprayable clear base or binder.
  • Compatibility: Mixes well with clear and tinted candy paints.

Benefits in Automotive Use

  • Temperature Resilience: Withstands up to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Ease of Application: Fine powder form allows for easy spray through airbrushes, powder guns, and HVLP paint guns.
  • Consistency: Light enough to stay well mixed without settling quickly.

Creating Custom Paint Jobs

  • Range of Effects: Suitable for light to heavy effects, depending on user preference.
  • Quantity Guide: One 25 gram bag can treat 2 to 4 quarts of clear.

Popular Use in Custom Painting

  • Professional Choice: Widely used by custom painters for pearlescent effects.
  • Examples in Automotive: Seen in high-end cars like Lamborghinis and Cadillacs with pearlescent white paints.

Transformative Effects on Various Colors

  • Enhancement: Particularly striking on white, orange, red, green, and many other colors.

Diverse Industrial Applications

  • Widely Used: Applicable in hundreds of industries for iridescent effects.
  • Other Uses: Includes concrete sealer, leather paint, furniture oils, faux finish glaze, and more.

Expertise and Innovation

  • Pioneering Contribution: The creators were the first to supply pigments for dip companies and introduced Pearls to the world.
  • Usage Recommendation: Suggested starting ratio is 1 level teaspoon per sprayable quart of clear paint/binder.

Conclusion and Support

  • Adaptability: These guidelines are starting points, and adjustments can be made for custom requirements.
  • Further Assistance: Visit the FAQ page or contact support for more information and questions.


Purple Ghost Pearl ®
Our Purple Ghost Pearl come in 25 Gram quantities. They are Transparent Mica With Color Reflections, which give your project an iridescent glow.
Paint With Pearl
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