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Professional Custom Paint Jobs with our products.

Creating Professional Custom Paint Jobs: A Simple Guide

Understanding the key factors that distinguish professional custom paint jobs from amateur ones can help your paint job shine. A crucial tip is to be mindful of the color combinations you use. Mixing warm tones with cool tones can often lead to less appealing results. For instance, a few years ago, a car manufacturer painted a car light blue and added a gold “ghost pearl” on top, creating a color combination that didn’t resonate with buyers. When working with warm tones, it’s generally best to pair them with other warm tones for a harmonious look. As an example, consider a 55 Chevy fender that was painted dark orange and enhanced with a lovely Gold Ghost Pearl. It’s important to note that Ghost Pearls are distinct from Candy Pigments, as the particles of ghost pearls are transparent and only display color when exposed to sunlight.

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Lime Green Candy Pearls with a healthy topping of our Gold Ghost Pearls.

Exploring Striking Reds and Purples

We’re also big fans of various reds and purples when combined creatively. I once spotted a stunning Fire Engine red Camaro, custom painted with our violet ghost pearl on top – it looked fantastic! Another eye-catching combo is using a custom painted Purple Candy as a base coat and then adding the Red Ghost pearl on it. Both combinations yield impressive results. You won’t need a fortune to achieve these effects; you can cover an entire car with less than $100 worth of our products, along with a few hundred dollars for chemical binders, topcoats, and reducers.

Red Ghost Pearls on Blue base.
Gold Ghost Pearl over a custom red Chevy

A Surprising Color Combo: Warm and Cool Colors

There’s an interesting exception we’ve found where warm colors can complement cool colors. Specifically, green or turquoise often pair beautifully. Yellows and greens also make a pleasing combination in many custom paint designs. Additionally, we offer a chameleon pigment that shifts from yellow to green, creating a captivating effect.  Other fantastic custom paint jobs involve using green as your base coat and applying gold ghost pearl over it, resulting in a stunning outcome like this.

For some, the strange and obscure, or (what grabs the eye) is the way to go. Here you can see that we have people that we work with of all types. A color combination that we never would have thought could look good (but actually does). Violet Satin Ghost Pearl on top of a turquoise base coat? I never would have thought about that as cool custom paint. You be the judge.

Violet Satin Ghost Pearl

Remember that our ghost pearls can be sprayed on any color to create a custom paint effect. Even if you own a black car, and you want to give it an extra color where the sun hits it or under the street lights as you drive around at night, you can add a bit of ghost pearl to some clear and liven the whole thing up. Granted, you will still have a black car in the shade, but it really pops when ghost pearl gets under the lights.-Matt