Epoxy Resin Pearls…Geode, Agate, River Table Effects Pigments

Adding our pigments to epoxy resin creates a whole new deep effect to your River Table or other epoxy project. Epoxy resin pearls are easily within your grasp!

Whether you are refinishing a bar-top, wooden table, or making coasters for your home, our pigments will add beautiful effects.  Using our additives in your projects is one of the best choices one can make with epoxy resin. We have been working closely with some of the best epoxy manufacturers out there to show everyone how much fun it can be to create these amazing effects with our pearls.

We are very excited to see the effects achieved by mixing our products into epoxy.   Ghost Pearls, Candy Pearls, Chameleon Pearls, Glow in the Dark Pearls, Metal Flakes, and Candy Concentrates, with ordinary resin. Presto! Epoxy Resin Pearls!

It is really fun to learn a new skill.  Table top epoxy resin and molds are easy to figure out so you can do almost anything with them. Being able to re-create the natural beauty of an Agate or Geode, or even a river or a lava flow in epoxy  are super cool ways to get creative and express yourself with a really fun new way of coating.

Note: With some of our pigments (such as the Candy Concentrate dyes), we recommend that they be mixed into Part B (the hardener) part of the epoxy. That will allow them to dissolve properly.

The possibilities are endless with our powder pigments, A.K.A. Epoxy Resin Pearls! They also work in Silicone,  Fiberglass, Gelcoat, Nail Polish, and every other clear medium.

Epoxy resin pearls poured onto a table top. All PWP products work in Epoxy Resin!
Epoxy resin pearls poured into a lid to make a cool coaster. All PWP products work in Epoxy Resin!

All of the above images are epoxy resin projects that we made in the course of an hour.