Gold – Purple – Orange Custom Paint Jobs by Rin Tin Tin Auto Body

I started using Paint With Pearl about a year ago.  Like any painter, you wanna have nice paint jobs.  Me,  I wanted custom paint jobs so I started mixing the pearls in with the base coat just see what happens.  Man this stuff was nice when I sprayed it out! Let it flash and take it out in the sun and wow!  I  started naming the paint jobs that I do.

Purple Delight blue purple paint.

Purple Delight

The first one is called (Purple Delight).  It looks purple when the sun hits it but it’s really blue. What I did was paint the base of the car in the dodge blue without the flakes, then went over the blue with the purple ghost pearl with three coats.  You see in the pictures what happens to the blue.  The funny thing about it is it’s still blue.  You can mix it how you want you can go heavy or light and get a different effect

Black Gold paint with flakes.

Black Gold

The second one is called black gold.  This one I sprayed the black base then mixed the gold ghost pearl in the binder and gave it three coats.  I let that flash then sprayed gold flakes on top of that.  About two coats of flakes and wow! the effect you get is nice.  I like to spray the coats by eye.  Sometimes it’s nice with two coats but when you spray three coats,  it’s even better.

Bright Orange Candy Pearl

The scooter was painted with the candy bright orange over a GM white base.  I sprayed the GM white base first then came back over that with the candy orange.  It took three coats and wow it wasn’t candy orange it was almost peach.  Then it looked gold at some angles.  I love using these pearls and candies,,,,

Purple Candy Metallic Pigment on car hood.

Purple Candy Pearl

My car was custom painted candy purple on the top.  I just sprayed the candy purple over the grey and man what a pretty color,,,this one took about three coats of the candy.


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