Orange Thermochromic Super Bike

Jason Wright’s Orange Thermochromic Super Bike.

Dear Paintwithpearl,

First off i would like to thank you for all your help with the paint job on my bike. We have completed the first part of the paint job and it turned out amazing. As promised, i am sending you some pictures of the main paint job along with some exciting news. While we were originally going to have the white to glowing blue pigment under the orange, fears about paint thickness had us abandon this idea. With the white to glowing blue already purchased, i came up with another idea, all the accents on the bike are now blue. With installing black rims on the bike this winter, i saw an amazing possibility for the unused pigment. I painted the white to glowing blue pigment on the lip of the rim.  It really set the bike off at night.

Back to the orange thermocromatic, everyone who has seen it in action is blown away by it. When ever i am asked about it, i proudly tell them where i got the pigment and the reasons why i chose Paint with pearl. Great service, very friendly and understanding, and the price is amazing. No one around the area has anything close to this and i can not wait until this spring to get the bike out and show it off.

Thank you very much for all your help again and i will be sure to send updated pics and video of your product in action this summer.

Jason Wright

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