Thermochromic Paint – Temperature Change Pigments

Thermochromic paints are special because they change color based on temperature. Our inventory mainly includes paints that change at 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit. When it gets warmer, they become clear, revealing the graphics or base color underneath.

Important Note: Thermochromic paints are sensitive to UV light and can fade without proper protection.

Our pearl paint, candy paint, chameleon paint, metal flakes, and temperature change pigments work well with products like PPG’s DBC-500 color blender. However, we understand that some customers use Dupont’s color blender or any clear binder. You can create over a quart of temperature-changing paint for a fraction of the cost by using these Color Blenders.

Thermochromic paints may lose UV resistance if not top-coated with a suitable UV-inhibiting clear coat. Some of these clears can be quite expensive, often over $200 per gallon. If you plan to use color-changing pigments outdoors, you can check out for their “Sunscreen Clear” or look for a high-quality Dupont clear. We also offer our own clear coat with extra UV protection. These high-UV tolerance clears have proven to last over a year in full UV exposure. Storing your project in a garage when not in use will also extend the paint’s longevity. Adding a few extra coats of quality UV clear coat is always a good idea.


  1. Paint at a temperature below 86 degrees Fahrenheit when using the 86-degree paint to see your coverage better. Make sure the surface you’re painting is cool too.
  2. Remember, you can use color-changing paints over any basecoats, even graphics. For example, you can have a black car that turns into a yellow car with flames in daylight or graphics that disappear when the car warms up.
  3. You can mix pearls, candy paint pigments, or metal flakes right into the color-change pigments or apply them on top. This adds extra UV protection since our pearls contain Titanium Oxide, a key sunscreen ingredient.
  4. To maintain quality, don’t let your project sit too long before applying a high-quality UV clear coat. Adding a few extra clear coats is a good practice.

We’re proud to offer this product at an affordable price, as many others charge much more for the same product pre-mixed into a binder. Smart painters know that all paints are essentially binders plus pigments, so there’s no need to spend extra money unnecessarily.

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