First to Bring Thermochromic Pigment to the Public

Paint With Pearl: Pioneers of Thermochromic Pigments

We were the first to offer Thermochromic Pigments to the public, and they’re the paints that shift colors with temperature changes!

Our journey began with the earliest YouTube videos showcasing thermochromic wonders, and since then, a few imitators have popped up. However, we take pride in providing the highest quality pigments at unbeatable prices. With the most user-generated videos available, we can confidently say that we offer the best Thermochromic Pigments on the web.

Since 2008, we’ve conducted numerous experiments with heat-sensitive pigments, and we’ve even worked with a professional powder coater who successfully applied these pigments in powder coatings.

People often inquire about the “car paint that changes color when wet.” It’s crucial to clarify that it’s not the water causing the transformation; it’s the temperature of the water. When you witness folks splashing water on cars, they’re using hot water to alter the Thermochromic Pigment’s temperature and make the pigments vanish.

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Using Thermochromic Pigment under Ghost Pearls and Chameleon Pearls

25 gram bag of orange-thermochromic-paint-pigment

Trailblazers in Thermochromic Pigments for Paint

We were the pioneers in perfecting the use of thermochromic pigments in paint. We’ve consistently showcased our customers’ incredible work through captivating YouTube videos and stunning pictures that reveal the mesmerizing color-changing effects.

Furthermore, we’ve innovated a method to enhance the longevity of your thermochromic pigments. By applying our Ghost Pearls and Ghost Chameleon Pearls as a topcoat, you can breathe new life into your pigments. Similar to sunscreen, our Ghost Pearls and Ghost Chameleons provide protection against

custom made finger nail polish using our thermochromic pigments

Understanding Thermochromic Pigments: The Heat-Sensitive Magic

Thermochromic pigments are heat-sensitive, and they indeed change color when the surface temperature shifts. These pigments respond to temperature variations, which is why you often see them showcased in videos changing color when exposed to hot and cold water. This rapid change in temperature serves as the quickest way to demonstrate their remarkable properties.

Heat Reactive Black Thermochromic Paint changes with body heat!