Fiberglass Surfboard paint and Kayak paint

Surfing is not just a sport, but also an art. Surfboard makers have long used various materials and techniques to create unique and beautiful boards that not only perform well in the water, but also catch the eye on the beach. One such material that has gained popularity in recent years is our Mica Ghost Pearl pigments and our Candy and Chameleon Iron Oxide pigments.

Mica is a mineral that can be found in different colors, such as silver, black, green, and pink. It is commonly used in cosmetics, paints, and plastics due to its ability to reflect light and create a shimmering effect. Iron oxide pigments, on the other hand, are a range of natural and synthetic compounds that are used to color a variety of materials, including surfboards.

When Candy, Ghost, and Chameleon pigments are combined, they can create stunning visual effects on a surfboard. Ghost Pearls adds a pearlescent shine, while Candy Pearl pigments can create deep, rich colors. The combination of the two can create a unique and beautiful look that catches the eye both on land and in the water.

Surfboard makers have used our pigments in various ways to create different effects. One popular technique is to mix the pigments into the resin used to coat the board. This creates a translucent layer that allows the shimmering effect of the mica to show through, while the iron oxide pigments create a colored tint. The result is a board that appears to change color depending on the angle and lighting.

Another technique is to add the pigments to the foam used to shape the board. This creates a solid color that has a subtle shimmer from the mica. This technique is often used for boards that are intended to be painted over, as the solid color provides a good base for the artwork.

In addition to their visual appeal, Paint With Pearl pigments can also provide some practical benefits. Mica can help to reduce the weight of the board, as it is lighter than traditional pigments. Iron oxide pigments are also known for their durability and resistance to fading, which can help to keep the board looking good over time.

Making great fiberglass surfboard paint colors and graphics can be a real chore. So many glassers and color experts get tired of the same old products for Fiberglass. So we took our pigments to the North Shore of Oahu to get opinions from the guys who make the best surfboards in the world. They thought is was super cool to have something new to try. The diversity of our products allows them to be used in all stages of Fiberglass coloring and graphics. Our pigments can be used in airbrush water-based clears for really cool metallic graphics and bright colors. They can also be used in the resin to create an overall color that is unlike any other. Finally, as a last stage, our ghost pearls can be used in the final layers of glass or gelcoat to give your project iridescence like you wouldn’t believe. Using our pigments, now fiberglass can be color matched with paint, powder coat, and even screen printing!

Graphics people and glassers alike can all use our products. Even our flakes are resistant to solvents and resins if you want to give your project that extra bit of flash. We also have pigments that can make fiberglass look like metal. We have also had many clients that use our glow-in-the-dark pigments for safety purposes. Being able to see parts of your boat or surfboard at night could save your life. Our products are very easy to work with. They can be mixed together dry, to be added later to your resins, or you can add to your resin and simply stir it in. Our particles stay suspended very well and are super-easy to work with. Even our thermochromic color change pigment works, but it is very sensitive to U.V. light. I would suggest using it under the fiber for best protection. Think of us for your next custom fiberglass color project! Check out our products HERE.-Matt

In conclusion, our Candy and Ghost pigments can be used by surfboard makers to create amazing surfboards that are not only functional but also visually stunning. Whether used to create a subtle shimmer or a bold burst of color, these materials can help to make a surfboard stand out from the crowd. So, if you’re looking for a surfboard that is both beautiful and high-performing, consider choosing one with mica and iron oxide pigments.