Fiberglass Surfboard paint and Kayak paint

Surfing is not just a sport but also an art, and surfboard makers use various materials to create unique boards. Fiberglass Surfboard paint!

Recently, Mica Ghost Pearl and Candy and Chameleon Iron Oxide pigments have become popular.

Mica is a mineral with colors like silver, black, green, and pink. It’s used in cosmetics, paints, and plastics because it reflects light and adds shimmer. Iron oxide pigments are natural and synthetic compounds used for coloring various materials, including surfboards.

When Candy, Ghost, and Chameleon pigments are combined, they create stunning visual effects on surfboards. Ghost Pearls add a pearlescent shine, while Candy Pearl pigments create rich colors. Mixing these pigments can result in a captivating look that catches the eye on land and in the water.

Surfboard makers use these pigments in different ways. One method involves mixing them into the resin coating, creating a translucent layer with shimmer from the mica and a colored tint from the iron oxide pigments. Another technique is adding pigments to the foam used for shaping, resulting in a solid color with a subtle shimmer, ideal for boards meant for painting.

These pigments offer practical benefits too. Mica reduces the board’s weight, and iron oxide pigments are durable and resist fading, keeping the board looking great over time.

Our pigments are versatile and suitable for various stages of fiberglass coloring and graphics. They can be used in airbrush water-based clears, in resin for an overall color, or in the final layers of glass or gelcoat for iridescence. Our flakes resist solvents and resins, adding extra flair to your project. Some clients use our glow-in-the-dark pigments for safety purposes.

In conclusion,

our Candy and Ghost pigments empower surfboard makers to create visually stunning and high-performing surfboards. Whether for subtle shimmer or bold bursts of color, these pigments can make your surfboard stand out. Choose a surfboard with Mica and Iron Oxide pigments for a beautiful and functional ride.

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