Fire Red Metal Flake Dune Buggy Restoration

Fire Red Metal Flake Dune Buggy Restoration

Dear Paint with Pearl;

I wanted to share a project that my son and I did for his high school senior project. The dune buggy was bought 8 years ago in rough shape.  Then it was stored in the woods until my son said that he wanted to restore it as his project. Once the fiberglass work was complete, we shot the chassis with 2 part 2k Kwik primer.  Then we wet sanded to a smooth finish.

Next was the full day of painting. We started with a black sealer coat (2 coats), then we sprayed a black base coat (2 coats). Next we brought life to the chassis by spraying 2 part clear top coat with your Fire Red metal flake in it. We mixed 2 teaspoons of fire red metal flake to 18oz of clear. It took 7 coats to obtain the depth and color we wanted. We topped off the paint with 4 more coats of clear. 

The Result:

The surprise of this story is that I used a $50 spray gun from Harbor freight and sprayed this in my garage as a make shift spray booth using fans, and a dust collection system to suck the overspray out and used a queen size flannel sheet to filter inbound air. Amazingly, no dust was on the paint. The paint job you see in the pictures is the result without any polishing or waxing. The sparkle is amazing in the sun.  The fire red metal flake dune buggy is a head turner when we drive down the street. I was so happy with the ease your product is to spray.  My daughter and I are using your Black Holographic flake to paint a ski boat restore project that she has picked for her high school project.  


Feel free to use the images and story for your website, would be proud to represent your product.


Sincerely Dave and Kyle

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