Flake Tips for a better application of Metal Flakes in Custom Paint

Sometimes, applying flakes can be a bit of a problem for the novice. The most concerning is the seemingly rough surface created immediately after applying flakes. Flake application requires a few more coats of paint and some sanding, but hopefully you can do this without much problem.

TIP#1: Flakes should be mixed about 1-2 tablespoons per mixed quart of clear. This is all depending on whether you want a solid flake effect or a scattered flake letting your base coat shine through. Our holographic flakes are so fine in size that they create a more dramatic color shift effect when applied more densely.

TIP#2: The .004″ flakes can be sprayed through any nozzle, but larger nozzles will allow more dense coverage of the flake in our larger flake sizes.

TIP#3: After spraying your flakes, it may be necessary to knock them down before applying your clear coat. The .004″ size will probably be fine to over-coat with several coats of candy or clear, but the .008″ inch size will need to be wet sanded before applying the clear. Our silver mini flake is octagon shaped, to minimize the need for sanding, as the flake will not have as many corners sticking up. I would suggest applying at least two coats of normal clear right after the flake application before sanding. This will protect you from over-sanding and destroying your flake effect.

TIP#4: Applying a little pearl over your flakes can create a great paint effect!

TIP#5 When painting the edges of doors, trunks, and hoods it is always a good idea to use smaller flakes. Very Large flakes can be extremely difficult to knock down without scraping off all of the paint. Be EXTREMELY gentle around door edges when trying to get larger flakes to lay down properly.