Green Holographic Metal Flake

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Green Holographic Metallic Flake for a green sparkle with a rainbow reflection. 4 Fl. Oz jar is 1 cup of flakes and it will add amazing effects to an entire car.



Green Holographic Metal Flake 4 oz Jar

These Metal Flakes work with any base clear, blender or binder for a fantastic paint job!  Try this in epoxy resin, polishes, sealers or other coatings for a great custom effect.

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Treats 2-4 Quarts of sprayable (64-128 oz) clear base or binder.

Check that you have the correct ratio of pigment to clear base and ALWAYS spray a test panel first!

As one of my most popular colors to date, Green Holographic Metal Flake has a truly incredible effect under the light of the sun.  It is truly the newest and hottest glitter on the market, and is incredibly brilliant. PPG has it’s own version of it called Prizmatique, and I believe HOK has one too, but mine do the same thing and costs about $22.00. Compare and save! Comes in 4 fl. Oz. jar and is a fine .004″ powdered flake. Easy to spray through all standard Paint Gun Tips.

Classically, metal flake paint is a staple in the custom painting world. The problem has always been the tons of extra work involved when painting with standard sized flakes. In most of the older flake jobs, the amount of extra knockdown and sanding involved with doing the overall paint job makes metal flake the lesser desirable option when using custom paint. We have seen some metal flake paint jobs that were such a disaster because the flakes were too large to go around the edges of doors, hoods, etc. The fact of the matter is that painters can still get big sparkle out of small flakes, so we choose to sell mainly the smallest metal flake, although we can get larger flake sizes for those who insist upon larger flakes.

See our user’s pictures for a good idea of what these beautiful flakes can do for your custom paint job. Our flakes are so small, they give perfect coverage to even the smallest edges you can find in any applications. We order flakes in the .004″ size (that’s 4 thousandths of an inch). Visit our FAQ page for  more answers to your questions, or contact us, we are always ready to answer questions.

Use in Multiple Mediums

We started by selling our Solvent Resistant Metal Flakes for paint only.  Then people started giving us feedback for other mediums.  It turns out that they work in other applications too.  We had a powder coater use them in his projects, an epoxy coater gave us great feedback.  Then guys in the dip or other coatings world began to use them.  Not only are all of our Metal flakes completely compatible with any other coatings, we were the first to supply the custom coating companies with pigments. You should know that we were the people who introduced Pearls to the world.

We recommend 1 heaping tablespoon of flake per sprayable quart of clear paint/binder or per pound of clear powder coat.

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Green Holographic Metal Flake
Green Holographic Metal Flake will not just add sparkle, but will add more colors than you can count. It creates a linear rainbow reflection like a prism.
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Weight 3 oz
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4 oz Jar, 1 lb Bag

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  1. Brandon Gifford

    Very good product. Looks amazing!!I would post a pic, but it would just not do the flake justice, so here is a short video clip. I painted my whole motorcycle with this flake over a base coat black and it turned out awesome! The flake is green, but in light you can see every color and it has an orange glow about it.

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