Our Blue to Purple Chameleon Paint Metal Flake . Colorshifting.

Aqua Blue to Purple Chameleon Paint Metal Flake

One 4oz, Jar or choose 1 lb. of Aqua Blue to Purple Chameleon Flakes. Change Color with light and direction.


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One Jar of our Blue to Purple chameleon paint metal flake treats close to a gallon of paint! For best effects, spray over black, but works with any color!

This is one of our most popular flakes in  the chameleon paint spectrum. It looks much better in person, but custom paint often does. Our Blue to Purple Chameleon paint Metal Flake has several color changing aspects, but photography tends to capture only a few of them. There are some paint companies that refer to these flakes as micro flakes. Just add the desired amount to your paint. If your paint gun has a built in strainer, you might want to remove it. This custom chameleon metal flake is truly easy to mix and spray to create your own custom paint job or project, whether it be car, motorcycle, watercraft, or in the home. It will literally mix with any clear finish, so it is good for fiberglass as well. Try our Blue to Purple chameleon paint metal flakes for a truly expensive looking custom paint job. Don’t forget to watch the above video for a great idea of the color change of this incredible chameleon metal flake.


Bulk Options

4 oz. Jar, 1 lb. Bag (6 jar value)


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