Dark Red Eggplant – NightShade Red – Eggplant Red Candy

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Enhance your creative palette with our Dark Red-Eggplant Red Candy Paint Pearl, presented in a 25-gram bag. This richly hued pearl is ideal for use in a quart of sprayable base clear or a pound of clear powder coat. It boasts a high temperature threshold of 400ºF, ensuring durability and stability. Perfect for those seeking to add a deep, luxurious red-eggplant tone to automotive finishes.



Unveiling the Enigmatic Dark Red Eggplant Nightshade Candy Paint Pearls

🌟 Unique Color

  • Dark Red Eggplant Candy over Black: Creates a deep, dark cherry shade when applied over a black base.
  • Eggplant over White: Yields a rosé or orange hue when used over a white base.
  • Eggplant Comparison: The color is often likened to the rich tones of a dark red eggplant emoji.

🌑 Mysterious and Captivating

  • Intriguing Appearance: These pearls exhibit a dark and mysterious look, almost appearing black in the shade.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of mediums and applications.

🎨 Diverse Application

  • Creative Use: Ideal for epoxy resin, polishes, sealers, and other coatings.
  • Custom Effects: Enhances the aesthetic with a unique custom effect.

📏 Quantity Guidance

  • Coverage: Treats 1 Quart (32 oz) of sprayable clear base or binder.
  • Ratio Check: Ensure correct pigment to clear base ratio and always perform a test panel first.

🚗 Automotive and More

  • Broad Spectrum of Uses: Suitable for automotive paints, powder coatings, concrete sealer, leather paints, nail art, fiberglass, gelcoat, industrial epoxy, polyurethanes, faux finishes, screen printing, heat transfer printing, hydrographics, and plastics manufacturing.
  • Durability: Resilient to weather, retains appearance in both gloss and matte finishes.
  • Recommended Base: Ideal over a black base coat for maximum effect.

🧪 Mixing and Ratios

  • Customization: Encouraged to adjust ratios for personalized effects.
  • Heat Resistance: Can withstand temperatures up to 400°F, making it suitable for various environments.

🎨 Creative Uses and Applications

  • Versatile Usage: Seen in shoe painting, flooring, exterior home painting, aircraft and marine paint, design displays, fishing lures, surfboards, kayaks, concrete sinks, counter and bar tops.
  • Artistic and Theatrical Use: Utilized in theatrical makeup, special effects, set designs, and large amusement parks.

🌐 Compatibility and Innovation

  • Universal Compatibility: Works with liquid wrap and a variety of other coatings.
  • Pioneering History: Known for introducing Pearls to the world and supplying pigments to dip companies.

💡 Recommendation

  • Suggested Mix: One level teaspoon per sprayable quart of clear paint/binder or per pound of clear powder coat.

🛍️ Shop and Experience

  • Try It Out: Experience the unique allure of Nightshade Dark Red Eggplant Candy Pearls for an unmatched finish.

Embrace the dark allure of Dark Red Eggplant Nightshade Candy Pearls, a versatile and captivating choice for your next project.

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Dark Red Eggplant Red Candy Paint Pearl Night Shade
Get a deep dark pearl effect with our line of Nightshade. This Dark Red-Eggplant NightShade looks dark red over black, and orange over white.
Paint With Pearl
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Model: Eggplant-NIGHTSHADE
Product ID: Eggplant-NIGHTSHADE
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Weight 2 oz
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