Gold Orange Purple Chameleon Paint Pearl 4739OV

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25 Gram Bag(s) of the True Chameleon Gold Orange Purple 4739OV.  Color changes with light and angle for a beautiful effect!  Heat tolerance of 400ºF.



Looking to elevate your next paint project to a new level of brilliance? Our Gold Orange Purple Chameleon Paint Pearls are here to transform your creation with a captivating burst of color. Whether you’re working on a car, motorcycle, watercraft, or a home project, these pigments are your key to a truly custom paint job.

Unleash Your Creativity

The versatility of these pigments knows no bounds. They seamlessly complement any base clear, blender, or binder, allowing you to achieve a fantastic paint job with ease. This is your opportunity to infuse your project with a unique, custom effect.

How Much Do You Need?

To guide you in your creative journey, we offer a convenient tool to determine the right quantity needed for your project. Click here to access it and ensure you have the perfect amount for your masterpiece.

One Quart Wonder

Our Gold Orange Purple Chameleon Paint Pearls are designed to treat one quart of sprayable (32 oz) clear base or binder. This pigmented powder is ready to breathe life into your project, promising a remarkable color transformation when sprayed over a black base.

A Kaleidoscope of Colors

This hue is one of our favorites within the Chameleon Pearls® paint spectrum. The true beauty of these pigments is best experienced in person, as they reveal their full splendor under various lighting conditions and angles. While photography captures only a glimpse of their color-changing magic, you can trust that the result will be nothing short of stunning.

Affordable Brilliance

While similar paints are priced exorbitantly at automotive paint stores, we offer a cost-effective solution without compromising quality. Our goal is to make these incredible chameleon pigments accessible to all enthusiasts. Rest assured that our prices are unbeatable, as we’re committed to keeping them the lowest on the market.

Easy Integration

The application process is a breeze. A 25-gram bag of Gold Orange Purple Chameleon Paint Pearls can be effortlessly mixed into a quart of reducer and binder or clear coat. Their compatibility extends beyond traditional paint, making them ideal for use with fiberglass and a wide range of coatings.

Pigmented Chameleon Pearls®

Our 4739 Series of True Chameleon Pearls are a colored powder, adding a vibrant touch to your project. While others may call them Alien Pearls, we prefer to let the results speak for themselves. We’ve been pioneering Chameleon Pearls® since 2008, maintaining our position as the original and unbeatable source for these incredible pigments.

Endless Possibilities

Unleash your creativity with these Chameleon Pearls®. They are versatile enough to enhance paints, powder coatings, fiberglass, epoxy, and even liquid wraps. Our pigments are fully compatible with a wide array of coatings, ensuring they meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Shop with the Leader

Join us, the leaders in pearl paint and Pearl Pigments since 2005, on a journey of artistic expression and innovation. Explore our premium products on Amazon Prime, and enjoy the convenience of secure payment options through Amazon Pay and Apple Pay. We’re here to support your creative aspirations every step of the way.


Gold Orange Purple Chameleon Paint Pearl 4739OV
Gold Orange Purple Chameleon Paint Pearls are a color shifting pigment. Used in automotive paint, concrete sealer, nail polish, powder coatings.
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