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Embark on a color adventure with our exclusive bundle of 25 top-selling products. This vibrant collection includes 9 jars of sparkling metal flake and 16 various candy pearls, ghost pearls, and flip pigments. It’s a treasure trove for any creative enthusiast seeking to add a burst of color and shimmer to their projects. Perfect for those who love variety and quality in their artistic endeavors!




🌈 Mini Pro Painter Pack: Unleash Creativity with Top-Selling Pigments

🎨 Versatile Pigment Compatibility:

  • Universal Use: These pigments blend perfectly with any base clear, blender, or binder for an exceptional paint job.

πŸ“¦ What’s Inside the Mini Pro Painter Pack?

  • Exclusive Collection: A handpicked selection of our 25 best-selling pigments and flakes, offering a 40% discount compared to individual purchases.
  • Diverse Range: Includes the top 25 pearl pigments and flakes in the market.

✨ Content Breakdown:

  • Metal Flake Variety: 9 jars of both straight and holographic metal flakes. Perfect for treating 2-4 quarts (64-128 oz) of sprayable clear base or binder.
  • Pearls and Flip Pigments: 16 jars of candy pearls, ghost pearls, and flip pigments.

πŸ’‘ Flexible Options:

  • Custom Requests: While the pack contents are based on popular choices, feel free to call us for specific color requests.
  • Exchangeable Items: We’re happy to swap one or two items to suit your needs, ensuring you get the most from your pack.

🌟 Quality Assurance:

  • Best Sellers Only: Each item in the Mini Pro Painter Pack 25 is a top seller, free from closeouts or discontinued products.

πŸ›οΈ Ideal for Professionals and Hobbyists:

  • Perfect for Shops: An excellent resource for shops to showcase samples, try out our products, and enhance sales visuals.
  • Wide Application: Great for customizing leather items, interior faux finishes, coatings, auto paint, nail polish, epoxy, resin, and wax.

πŸš— Compatible with Automotive Projects:

  • Automotive-Ready: All products are compatible with car paint, crucial for fantastic custom paint jobs.
  • Multipurpose Use: Use as epoxy pigment for tables, resin applications, and more.

πŸ€” How Much Do You Need?

  • Guidance Provided: Click Here to find out the right quantity for your project.


Welcome to Paint With Pearl: Where Creativity Meets Color

🌈 Our Commitment to Customers:

  • Valuing Customer Feedback: At Paint With Pearl, our customers are our top priority. We love when you share your experiences with us, especially through pictures and feedback.
  • Showcasing Your Creations: Your photos, videos, and testimonials highlight the versatility of our products. If you share your work with us, we’ll thank you with a gift card for our website!

🎨 Explore Our Diverse Range:

  • Versatile Paint Options: Our product line, including Candy Pearls, Metal Flakes, Chameleon Pigments, Thermochromics, and Glow In The Dark paints, is designed for customization in a variety of applications.
  • Unlimited Creative Potential: With Paint With Pearl, the possibilities are endless, offering a wide range of options to bring your artistic vision to life.

πŸ›οΈ Shop With Confidence:

  • Trusted Expertise: As leaders in the paint and pearl pigment industry since 2005, we offer quality and experience you can rely on.
  • Mixing Made Easy: For starters, try using one heaping tablespoon per quart of clear paint/binder or powder for powder coating – it’s that simple!

βœ‰οΈ We’re Here to Help:

  • Get in Touch: Have a project to share or need advice? Contact us! We’re always excited to see your work and assist in any way we can.

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Mini Pro Painter Pack – 25 Of Our Best Sellers
Mini Pro Painter Pack. 25 of our top selling items including: 9 jars of metal flake, 16 candy pearls/ghost pearls/flip pigments.
Manufactured by: PaintWithPearl
Model: MiniProPack
Product ID: MiniProPack
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