Gold – Green – Indigo Chameleon Paint Pearls 4739IO: Transform Your Creations with Color

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Introducing True Chameleon Gold Green Indigo 4739IO: Where Beauty Meets Transformation

Unleash the enchantment of True Chameleon Gold Green Indigo 4739IO with our 25-gram bags. Prepare to be captivated as this magical color journeys through a spectrum of breathtaking shades, transforming your creative projects in every light and angle. With a heat tolerance of up to 400ºF, your possibilities are limitless. Elevate your artistry with this captivating chameleon pigment.



Gold – Green – Indigo Chameleon Paint Pearls 4739IO: Transform Your Creations with Color

Unleash your inner artist and breathe new life into your projects with our Gold – Green – Indigo Chameleon Paint Pearls 4739IO. These versatile pigments are your key to achieving a breathtaking custom finish. Here’s why you should make them your go-to choice:

Boundless Versatility

These chameleon paint pearls are the perfect addition to your creative toolbox. They harmonize seamlessly with any base clear, blender, or binder, opening up a world of creative possibilities. Whether you’re working with epoxy resin, polishes, sealers, or other coatings, these pigments will help you achieve a unique and captivating effect.

Simple Dosage

Don’t worry about complicated measurements. Each bag of these remarkable chameleon paint pearls is thoughtfully designed to treat one mixed quart of sprayable (32 oz) clear base or binder. Achieving a stunning color shift is as simple as 2-3 coats. And here’s a tip: starting with a black base color enhances the magic.

Simplicity and Elegance in Every Bag

When you receive these pigments, you’ll find they are pigmented in the bag and spray out beautifully. They deliver a remarkable color change that dances with the light and shifts with the angle. What’s more, you can confidently spray them over other colors (as long as you know what you’re doing).

Endless Creative Potential

Our Gold – Green – Indigo Chameleon Paint Pearls are a gem in the Chameleon Pearls® paint spectrum. While their true brilliance is best appreciated in person, the captivating color-changing aspects remain a challenge to capture in photography. You’ll be pleased to know that a similar paint at an automotive store can easily cost $3000 per gallon. However, our 25-gram bag allows you to create a mixed quart of reducer and binder or clear coat, offering an affordable solution for your custom projects.

Applications Without Limits

These ghost chameleon Pearls® paint pigments are incredibly easy to mix and spray. Whether you’re working on a car, motorcycle, watercraft, or a home project, they adapt seamlessly to any clear finish. Even fiberglass projects benefit from their enchanting effect. Try our Green Gold Indigo Chameleon Paint Pearls® to transform your project into a work of art. Be sure to watch the video above to witness the mesmerizing color change of this incredible chameleon paint.

Pioneers of the Industry

Since 2008, we’ve been at the forefront of supplying chameleon paint pearls to the coatings community. We are your trusted source, and our commitment is to keep our prices the most competitive in the market. We’re dedicated to beating any other company’s retail prices.

Endless Possibilities

Explore a wealth of applications, from paint to powder coatings, fiberglass to epoxy. Even Liquid Wraps and other coatings benefit from our exceptional chameleon pearls. Rest assured, all our chameleon pearls are fully compatible with any coatings, and we’re proud to say we introduced Pearls to the world.

Craft with Confidence

Choose the experts in the field. Join countless satisfied customers who have trusted us since 2005. Your custom projects deserve nothing less than the brilliance of Gold – Green – Indigo Chameleon Paint Pearls 4739IO. Elevate your craft today!

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Gold – Green – Indigo Chameleon Paint Pearls 4739IO
Gold Green Indigo Chameleon Paint Pearls are a colorshifting pigment. Used in automotive paint, concrete sealer, nail polish, powder coatings.
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