Red Green Cyan Super Flash Chameleon Pearls 4769RGC – Transform Your Paint with Vibrant Colors

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Experience the mesmerizing color change of our Red Green Cyan Superflash 4769RGC in a convenient 25 gram bag. This dynamic pigment shifts hues with light and viewing angle, creating stunning visual effects. Plus, it boasts an impressive heat tolerance of up to 400ºF, making it perfect for a variety of applications where both beauty and resilience are key




🌈 Red Green Cyan Super Flash Chameleon Pearls 4769RGC – A Kaleidoscope of Colors

🎨 Transformative Paint Pigment:

  • Vibrant Effect: Experience the magic of Red Green Cyan Superflash Chameleon Paint Pearls, shifting from green/red in the bag to a spectrum of colors when applied.
  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for epoxy resin, polishes, sealers, and various other coatings.

📏 Quantity and Mixing:

  • Ideal Coverage: Each 25 gram bag treats 1 quart (32 oz) of sprayable clear base or binder.
  • Easy to Mix: Just blend with any clear finish, including reducers, binders, and clear coats.

🌟 Chameleon Series:

  • Color-Shifting Spectacle: Part of our dynamic Chameleon Pearls range, 4769RGC offers the most color shifts, creating a visually stunning effect.
  • Better in Person: While photos capture some of its beauty, it’s even more impressive in real life.

💲 Affordability:

  • Cost-Effective Luxury: Achieve a high-end look without the hefty price tag of similar products in the market.

🔮 Mixing Suggestions:

  • Simple Integration: Mixes easily into epoxies, resins, glycerin, polishes, and virtually anything clear.
  • Other Options: Explore our Gold Orange Green Blue Purple Chameleon Paint Pearls for more exquisite custom effects.

🌐 Paint With Pearl – Pioneers in Pigments:

  • Innovative and Original: We’ve been leading in custom paint pearls and pigments since 2005, offering compatibility with vehicle wraps and coatings.
  • Expert Support: Have questions? Visit our FAQ or contact us for personalized guidance.

🚗 Automotive and Beyond:

  • Auto Paint Ready: Ideal for custom car paint jobs and compatible with vehicle coatings.
  • Creative Uses: Perfect as epoxy pigment for tables, resin applications, and more.

🛒 Why Choose Us:

  • The Original in Custom Paint Pearls: Trust in our expertise and pioneering spirit in the world of paint pigments.
  • Shop Easily: Available on Amazon Prime with Amazon Pay for convenient shopping.

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Red Green Cyan Super flash 4769RGC
Red Green Cyan Super Flash Chameleon Paint Pearl is a pigmented or colored Chameleon. Widely used in the custom world. Used in automotive paint, Powder Coat.
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