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Elevate your projects with the timeless elegance of our Silver Metal Flake. Choose from Micro .004″, Mini .008″, or Bass Boat .015″ sizes, available in both 4 fl. oz. jars for smaller tasks and 1 lb. bags for larger endeavors. These durable flakes are designed to withstand up to 400 degrees, perfect for adding a classic silver sparkle to automotive finishes.



Dive into the World of Silver Metal Flakes! 🌟

Discover the Magic of Silver Metal Flakes

Silver Metal Flakes are true stars in the world of creative projects. They’re versatile and have been a fan favorite since day one. Whether as a base coat under candy colors or a shiny topcoat, they’ve got it all.

Let Your Creativity Flow!

Silver Metal Flakes add a special touch to your projects. Be it epoxy resin, polishes, sealers, or other coatings, these flakes bring uniqueness to your work.

Finding the Right Amount

Wondering how much to use?Β  Click Here!Β  It’s simple:

  • Treat 2-4 quarts (64-128 oz) of clear base or binder.
  • Keep the pigment-to-clear base ratio in check.
  • Always test on a sample panel first!

Versatile Application

Silver Metal Flakes work like a charm with:

  • Airbrushes
  • HVLP Guns
  • Brush-on Applications
  • Powder Coating Equipment
  • Dip Sprayers
  • Concrete Sealing
  • Leather Wipe-on Coatings
  • Plastic Manufacturing

Different Sizes, Different Styles

Choose from:

  • Micro Flakes (.004″): Easy to spray, no fuss, and seamless coverage.
  • Mini Flakes (.008″): More sparkle, a bit more effort.
  • Bass Boat Flakes (.015″): Get that ’70s big flake look with some extra work.

Handles the Heat!

Silver Metal Flakes can handle temperatures up to 400 degrees! Great for heat lamps and Powder Coating Booths.

Less Is More!

A little goes a long way. Just a tablespoon per quart does wonders. “One Jar Does a Car.”

Tough as Nails

These flakes are solvent-resistant. From Automotive Paint to Nail Polish, they’ve got you covered.

More Choices, More Fun!

We offer Silver Metal Flakes in all sizes and cool colors. Small flakes are our fave, but we’ve got big ones for you too!

Tips for a Fantastic Finish

Create a stunning Silver metal flake paint job with ease:

  1. Choose a base coat (black is awesome for matching the flakes).
  2. Add a generous tablespoon of our flake to any base clear coat.
  3. Consider using a base clear for mixing, like PPG’s DBC-500 or HOK’s inter-coat clear.

Pioneers in Innovation

We were the first to supply pigments to coatings companies. Worried about compatibility? Don’t be! We introduced Pearls to the world.

Incorporate Silver Metal Flake additives into your projects and explore endless creativity. With their versatility and efficiency, our flakes are your go-to for unique finishes. Choose Silver and let your projects shine! 🌟

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Silver Metal Flake – Silver Solvent Resistant Flakes
Our Silver Metal Flake comes in many sizes, including .004″, .008″, .015″. It has a 400 degree temperature threshold. Is for paint, powder coat, anything.
Paint With Pearl
Manufactured by: Paint With Pearl
Model: SilverFLAKE
Product ID: SilverFLAKE
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Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Flake Size

.004" Micro, .008" Mini, .015" Bass Boat

Amount of Flakes

4 fl. oz. Jar, 1 Lb. Bag (6 jar value)


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