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Silver Holographic Metal Flake – Prismatic Reflection Flake

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Transform your car into a dazzling spectacle with our Silver Holographic Metallic Flake. This flake, stored in a 4 fl. oz. jar equal to 1/2 cup, offers a stunning silver sparkle accompanied by a rainbow reflection. Perfect for covering an entire car, it promises to add an amazing, eye-catching effect. Ideal for automotive enthusiasts or custom paint jobs seeking a unique, iridescent touch that truly stands out.



Silver Holographic Metal Flake 4 oz Jar: A Brilliant Choice for Custom Paint Jobs

How Much Do I Need?

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Features of Silver Holographic Metal Flake

  • Quantity: Treats 2-4 Quarts of sprayable (64-128 oz) clear base or binder.
  • Testing: Always spray a test panel first to ensure correct pigment-to-clear base ratio.
  • Effectiveness: Creates an incredible chrome-like effect, ideal under sunlight.
  • Affordability: Comparable to PPG’s Prizmatique and HOK’s versions but at a lower cost.
  • Size: Comes in a 4 fl. oz. jar with a fine .004″ powdered flake.
  • Ease of Use: Easily sprays through all standard Paint Gun Tips.

Application Ideas

  • Versatility: Try in epoxy resin, polishes, sealers, or other coatings for a custom effect!

Why Choose Metal Flake?

  • Classic Choice: A staple in custom painting.
  • Less Work: Smaller flakes mean less knockdown and sanding compared to standard flakes.
  • Big Sparkle: Small flakes still provide a significant sparkle.
  • Customization: Mainly selling the smallest metal flake but larger sizes available upon request.

Visual Appeal

  • User Examples: See our user’s pictures for inspiration.
  • Coverage: Small flakes ensure perfect coverage, even on the smallest edges.
  • Size Details: Flakes are .004″ in size (4 thousandths of an inch).


  • Innovative Uses: Compatible with new processes like Ceramic gun coatings.
  • Learn More: Read about Ceramic Gun Coatings.

Transform your painting projects with Silver Holographic Metal Flake. It’s not just a product, it’s a game-changer in the world of custom paint! 🌟✨🎨

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We recommend as a starting ratio 1 heaping tablespoon per sprayable quart of clear paint/binder or clear powder for powder coating.


Silver Holographic Metal Flake – Prismatic Reflections
Silver Holographic Metal Flake will not just add sparkle. Β It will add more colors than you can count. It creates a linear rainbow reflection like a prism.
Paint With Pearl
Manufactured by: Paint With Pearl
Model: SilverHOLO
Product ID: SilverHOLO
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Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Bulk Options

4oz. Jar .004, 1 lb. Bag .004, 4oz. Jar .008, 1 lb. Bag .008, 4oz. Jar .015, 1 lb. Bag .015

1 review for Silver Holographic Metal Flake – Prismatic Reflection Flake

  1. Matthew Donley

    A hugely versatile flake

    It has a great amount of versatility, as it can be used in multiple colors to help create a rainbow effect.

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