• moss green metal flake on jet boat

    Jet Boat with Gold Shimmer Pearl and Moss Green Metal Flake

    A very cool combination of Moss green Metal Flake over black base and Gold shimmer pearl over white base.

  • Gold Ghost and Other Pearls on Custom Painted Racing Boat.

    Gold Ghost Pearl on Custom Painted Racing Boat

    Your candies and pearls are awesome!! This custom racing boat paint job was custom painted using our Gold Ghost pearl, also known as Gold iridescent pearl, or Gold Interference pearl. We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of our customers who take the time to send us pictures and feedback on all of our products. […]

  • Jet boat airbrushed with Red Wine Candy, Electric Blue, Silver Platinum Ghost Pearls.

    Silver Platinum Ghost Pearl on Jet Boat

    An airbrushed Jet Boat using several of our pearls.

  • Jet Boat Painted with multiple pearl pigments.

    Silver Platinum Pearl Jet Boat

    Hello Matt, I purchased some pearls from you on E-bay last year around this time, I have attached some pics of my 1971 Kona jet boat, with a 455 Oldsmobile motor. There is a lot going on in, under, and on top of each color the basf coat for the candies is chroma-base and the green has blue […]