Musical Instuments

  • This is a Custom Paint Job using our metal flake guitar paint additive, Orange Copper Metal Flake.

    Metal Flake Guitar Paint with Orange Copper Flakes

    Use any of our Flakes to make your metal flake guitar paint.

  • Ghost and Chemeleon Pearl guitar paint for that custom paint look.

    Custom Pearl Guitar Paint with Chameleons

    Make any white project awesome, like this pearl guitar paint with Ghost Pearls and White Chameleons. Subtle color changes can mean everything on stage.

  • Violet Blue Fender Telecaster painted with our Violet Blue Ghost Pearl

    Violet Blue Fender Telecaster

    Thank you,  Jack!  What an awesome guitar! Here are some pictures of my Violet  Blue Fender Telecaster. I painted it black on the back, sides, around the edges of the front and stained the rest of the front. I then sprayed the whole guitar with your Violet Blue Pearl and then clear lacquer. What do […]

  • Green to Orange Copper Chameleon Pearls.

    Chameleon Guitar Paint

    Chameleon Guitar Paint That was done with your  Green to Orange Copper Chameleon Pearls ® PWP4739CS over a black base. If you would like a testimonial you may use the following;  As a custom finisher of high end guitars I can appreciate quality materials. I have through the years used the best products that all the […]

  • This guitar is painted with yellow and black candy concentrates.

    Custom Paint Jobs on Guitars and GSXR

    Custom paint Jobs on Guitars and GSXR First yellow guitar is a mix of candy black and yellow..second one is the candy cinnamon over dark brown guitar was the orange pearl with a minor bit of flake…gsxr bike is a mix of base ghost white…then orange..then candy red..3 stage paint do it no […]

  • Rat Fink Guitar Bass from Naked Body Guitars painted with Limetreuse metal flake.

    Rat Fink Guitar from Naked Body Guitars

    Rat Fink Guitar from Naked Body Guitars Hey Matt. Dawn from Naked Body Guitars. Just wanted to send you a few shots of the completed Limetreuse Sparkle Bass project I finished for my client. I also wanted to inquire if you had a close up photo of the Peacock flakes as I am considering using […]

  • Gold Candy Pearl on new Drum allows wood grain to be seen right through!

    Gold Candy Pearl on Drum

    Gold Candy Pearl on Drum Check out this wooden drum topped off with Gold Candy Pearl! You can see the wood grain right through. We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of our customers who take the time to send us pictures and feedback on all of our products. Our Candy Pearls, Metal Flakes, True […]

  • Rose Red Candy pearls on Drum Set by DMR Drums.

    Daniel M. Roettele – Rose Red Candy Pearl Drum

    Mauve rose Red Candy Pearl Drum I am adding your website to my website links if that is ok check out my site This drum has a lightly mixed rose red candy pearl paint on it with a darker fade. rose red. What is very hard to see is the clear is loaded with your […]