High Solids Euro Clear 7160 from High Teck | Experience Unparalleled Shine | 7.5 Liter Kit


  • High Teck™ 7160 High Solids Euro Clear: Premium clearcoat for a European-style gloss.
  • 2:1 Mix Ratio: Formulated for both air dry and forced dry applications, drying to a glass-like finish.
  • High Solids Content: Ensures thick, durable coverage with exceptional gloss.
  • Durability: Offers excellent weathering capability and resistance to stone chips and abrasions.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking a showroom-quality finish.
  • Premium Appearance: Achieve a flawless, high-gloss finish that elevates the look of any vehicle
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High Teck High Solids Euro Clear | Experience Unparalleled Shine

In the pursuit of achieving a showroom-worthy finish on your automotive projects, the choice of clearcoat is paramount. Enter High Teck™ 7160 High Solids Euro Clear – a product that not only promises but delivers a premium, European-style gloss that will make your vehicle stand out. Designed for those who demand the best, this clearcoat combines durability, aesthetics, and cutting-edge technology to offer an unmatched finishing touch. Let’s delve into the details of this exceptional product.

Premium European Gloss and Durability

High Teck’s 7160 High Solids Euro Clear is the epitome of excellence in automotive clear coats. Here’s why:

  • High Solids Formula: With solids content ranging between 41.82 to 43.83% by volume and 45.98% by weight, this clearcoat ensures a thick, durable layer that enhances the depth and gloss of your vehicle’s finish.
  • Superior Weathering and Protection: Designed to withstand the elements, it boasts excellent weathering capabilities and resistance to stone chips and abrasions, keeping your vehicle’s finish pristine for years to come.
  • Flawless Finish: It dries to a glass-like finish, whether you opt for air dry or forced dry applications, ensuring a sleek, high-gloss look that rivals the best European finishes.

Key Specifications for the High Teck Enthusiast

  • Part Number: 7160-1
  • Product Line: HIT
  • MFR Model: 7160-1
  • Standard/Approvals: Includes a California Prop65 warning for cancer and reproductive harm, ensuring users are informed of health considerations.
  • Manufacturer: High Teck Products
  • UPC: 891759001123
  • Brand: High Teck™
  • Maximum Sale Quantity: 8
  • Maximum Sale Day: 7
  • Part Status: A
  • Container Size: 5 Liters
  • Rubberized: No
  • Solids Content: A robust blend for optimal coverage and finish.
  • Form: Liquid
  • Mixing Ratio: 2:1

Whether you are a professional auto body technician or a DIY enthusiast seeking to achieve that coveted high-gloss, showroom finish, High Teck’s 7160 High Solids Euro Clear is your go-to solution. Its superior formulation not only meets but exceeds the expectations for premium automotive clear coats, providing your projects with a finish that’s as durable as it is stunning.

In addition to its impressive performance characteristics, this product acknowledges health and safety standards with a clear warning regarding potential risks, ensuring users can take necessary precautions.

Opt for High Teck™ 7160 High Solids Euro Clear to give your vehicle the luxurious finish it deserves, and marvel at the enduring beauty and protection it offers. With this product, achieving a professional, European-style gloss has never been easier.

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