Road Bike with Black Gunmetal Candy Pearl Paint Job

Road bike with multiple products black gunmetal candy pearl

Hi, Matt, I initially removed all decals, except for the headset badge (no longer used by Cannondale and therefore not available for replacement) then, after sanding and masking, shot the frame with Rustoleum black primer (yep, in a spray-can).

After light sanding the primer coat I mixed PWP’s Black Pearl Candy pigment with clear lacquer (Dupli-Color) and applied with an air brush – light sand & repeat, then mixed PWP’s silver holographic micro-flake with clear and gave one light coat. I applied a coat of clear and then a coat with PWP’s Red Crystal Pearl pigment (ghost pearl) followed by several clear coats, light sanding between coats.  I finished with a final color sand and very light rubbing compound. Added some striping and rebuilt the working pieces. I ride it regularly, though not as often during hot weather (95°+).

I’m a 67 year old disabled Viet Nam veteran on a limited budget, so I appreciate your company’s affordable product line. My good friend, Frank Amiano, told me about your site and products and encouraged me to check it out before I decided on how to proceed on repainting my bike, glad I took his advice as I am now a fan of Paint With Pearl!

Peggy and Richard Grahn

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